You are Already a Brilliant Creator

by Leslie Sann

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
~ Albert Einstein

You are already brilliant at creating. As human beings we are always creating something. That is our nature. You can learn how to use your creative powers by design, rather than by default. This creative power is sourced from within. We tap into it by harnessing the passion of the heart, the power of the mind and the movement of the emotions, all moving through the doing of the body. You are manifesting from inspiration, from the yearning of your heart.

Creators bring new circumstances into being. What you want doesn’t exist yet, not until you choose to create it. You are going to make it happen, you are going to call it into reality. This to me is very exciting. This is where our personal power lies. You are going to create what you want.

Creation always starts now. It doesn’t matter if you put energy into this goal in the past. The past has value only in taking from it what was useful, what we learned, and letting go of that which is not relevant.

The focus of the work is your life. Creating the life you want. You are the artist and your life is your creation. And as with any art form, there are skills to utilize to support your creation.

Beginning of a new year is a ripe time to wonder:

What are you creating with this gift of Life?

I would love to know about your dreams.