Yes … Even Greater

by Leslie Sann

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. ~ Michelangelo Buonarroti

Living by design involves learning to be intentional about life: making choices that produce preferred results, in service to our greatest good, rather than merely allowing life to proceed without conscious direction.

Sometimes we would like to have an experience yet we don’t know the full consequences of our actions. I’m guessing if your choices take you where you’d prefer not to go, you would pass on the encounter.

You are human, and human beings are creative by nature. We are always creating something. I therefore suggest adding to your visioning process what I call Insurance for the Journey. On top of the page of any vision I write out, I put the following words: This or Something Equal to or Even Greater for the Highest Good of All Concerned because, at least for me, what I wish to experience, serves my greatest unfoldment, learning and growth. Thus I ask for the highest good of all concerned.

With this bit of insurance I can put myself out there, take action and be in the discovery process, without a concern for the consequences. It is an imaginary safety net, a protector, a friend, a guardian angel of sorts. It is a way for me to trust I will not receive anything that is not in alignment with my highest purpose. Nor will I create anything that contributes to the detriment of anyone else. If anything, my request is about expanding goodness for me and for others.

Let me tell you a story about the this or something equal to or even greater part of the Insurance Clause. A friend of mine had written out a vision of something she was in the process of actualizing. She wrote out her vision in the Living by Design recommended positively focused, present tense terms. The vision stated that she was receiving in her email inbox a contract that would confirm the agreement she had made with a retreat facility to present one of her workshops. She waited and waited and no contract arrived in her inbox. After a bit of time she began to feel discouraged. I suggested she let go of the how and focus merely on the what, which is that she receives confirmation that she has been hired.

And so she did.

Next day, in her land mail, she opened an envelope with printed catalogs which contained the retreat facility’s upcoming events. Opening it up she found a description of her workshop complete with a smiling photo of her looking up from the page.

While what she asked for did not show up the way she imagined it would, it did show up! Sometimes we get fixated on the form and forget what it is we are really asking for. She didn’t care if what she wanted came in an email, in the mail, or riding in on a herd of elephants.

I encourage you to remember it is okay to ask for what you’d like to have in your life. Be clear that the form is not the essence. You may be provided exactly what you want in unexpected ways. Be open. Don’t limit The Creative Forces That Be by insisting things show up in the way you had envisioned. Perhaps your imagination is not as expansive as what is truly possible. That’s okay. Open to something equal to or even greater!

Yes, thank you … and even greater.

Blessings and Joy,