Where Are You Blessed?

by Leslie Sann

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
~ Charles Dickens

Today I wake up in gratitude because this week I was able to give just to give. I donated blood. Again. So happy to be giving of my body in service to another’s well-being.

I forgive myself for waiting this long to jump in and be of service in this way. A few months back with all the hurricanes and the devastation that occurred I was called to act. In addition to giving money to the Red Cross, I gave blood.

I found out only 35% of us are eligible to donate. That makes me even more grateful that I am somebody who can give in this way.

My sister is too small to give blood. My monster-sized sister weighs in at 95. You have to weigh at least 110 pounds. Just one of many restrictions.

Only 35%! Are you one of the 35%? And if so, are you willing to give? It only takes a half an hour. You can do it every 56 days. It’s easy, if you live near a blood bank like I do.

I met a man at the blood center. He has been giving blood, platelets and plasma every two months for the past 15 years. He inspired me. I was already booked to go again and now I’m giving platelets too. I just barely make the weight to donate platelets. I don’t weigh enough to give plasma.

Giving just to give. No reward for me other than the joy of giving. I won’t eat those brownies or the potato chips they offer after the donation. (I brought my own food which was way more nourishing.)

After I left I had some errands to run. Suddenly became so hungry. To those of you who don’t eat meat, please forgive me, and I had to have some iron. I stopped by a steakhouse. I was the only patron. It was 3PM. When the chef found out I had just given blood he gifted me most delicious bowl of black bean soup. (Note to self: beans contain iron.)

I love that. He was honoring my donation by feeding me. He and Miguel, my server, took such good care of me. They were kind and I was grateful.

Imagine, a world where we celebrate each other for our generosity. In doing so we create a cycle of abundance, spiraling up, Up, UP. Giving to give. Then receiving for giving. Then giving some more, cycling onward and upward towards infinity!

We have so much to give.

This week is Thanksgiving week. It’s an opportunity to pause and reflect on how blessed we are. I know regardless of whatever circumstances you find yourself, my guess is there are blessings in the midst.

But only if you look.

Please look.

Where are you blessed? Maybe you don’t have blood to give. Perhaps for you it is your sense of humor, patience or kindness. Or maybe you bake a great chocolate pear torte (recipe please).

How can you extend your blessings out into your world?

Send me a note.

I will celebrate you.