What is Possible Now?

by Leslie Sann

Do more of what works,
less of what doesn’t
and explore what is possible now.
~ Leslie Sann

It is the very end of the year which is also the beginning of another. Actually this is a fabricated reality. January 1 is just the day after December 31. And — we can take advantage of the ritual of celebrating a new year. We can pause to take time to wonder about what we’d like to create in 2022.

Might you be willing to free yourself from the drudgery of making resolutions this year? Do they actually give you the tools for change? Or are they disguised judgments? They are often based on “fixing” your life, as if there was something wrong with it. That doesn’t feel like expansion or fun to me.

The problem with judging yourself is that you are negating your capacity to create something greater. You get stuck in the lie of wrongness instead of seeing the power and potency of your choices and actions.

What if you get outrageous this year? What if:

  • You STOPPED trying to fix yourself? What if you choose instead to be in the question? Questions are what create possibilities. You can ask a question such as, “What would it take for me to create X?”
  • Instead of judging  yourself or any of the choices you make, you can ask, “What’s right about me (or about this situation) that I’m not getting?” and “What is possible now?”
  • 2022 is the year you stop judging yourself as wrong, and instead choose to have gratitude? What kind of ease would that create?

There is a saying that I use for guidance in my life:

     Do more of what works,
     less of what doesn’t 
     and explore what is possible now.

What if you took a few minutes to document what worked in 2021 and what did not?

  • What did you choose? What did you create?

  • What did you choose that didn’t go the way you wished it would? So what? Now what? What could you choose now?

Give yourself a pat on the back for showing up in the experiment called creating a life you love. How amazing are you? How does it get any better than that?

I encourage you to bring more joy to your life and begin 2022 with more appreciation for you. You are a gift.

I love to help people grow into the next best version of themselves. Envisioning a future you’d love and taking action are some of the most powerful tools I know. I call it Living by Design. If you want assistance in turning your visions into reality—reach out. That is what I do—help you create what you truly desire, or even greater than that!

Your Success is My Joy,