What is Choice?

by Leslie Sann

My favorite food from my homeland is Guinness. My second choice in Guinness. My third choice – would have to be Guinness.

~Peter O’Toole

Have you ever wondered what it is to make a choice?

Let me suggest that you stand up right now.

Did you do it?

If  you stood up you chose to stand up.

If you stayed seated, well, you chose to stay where you were.

Which one is right?

There is no right. It’s just your choice. And, you get to live in the results of your choices.

Good news.

There’s always another choice.

What will you choose now?

Bummer is that this world wants to make one choice right and the other one wrong. It says that it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you make the right one, otherwise you’re wrong. And nobody wants to be wrong, right? Unless you’re trying to be right about being wrong — am I right — or am I right?

In the world we were brought up in, our judgments about our choices are all that matters. Which choice is the right choice is the only concern.

Crazy, yes?

Can you see how that point of view totally disempowers you from learning from your choices? Choice creates. Our choices create results. These results offer an opportunity for greater awareness. Greater awareness is a contribution to developing wisdom. Wisdom holds the quality of discernment which supports us in making better choices.

What if I told you there is no such thing as right or wrong? What if there’s just the awareness that comes from making a choice? Did your choice serve your intention? If so, great. What choice and action will serve your intention next? If not, great. What choice can you make now that will better contribute to what you are creating?

There is still another choice to make.

There is always the next choice.

Gravity is. Choice is. Like gravity, choice is not optional. The question is are you living by default or by design, by chance or by choice?

Along with knowing you have choice comes the awareness that with choice you are able to change things. If you don’t have a sense you can change things can you see how you would experience life as a victim, stuck in a rut, what the … ?

Awareness that you have choice is one of the things that leads to happiness.

Because choice creates.

We grow in awareness, ability and competence through our engagement with life. And life is way more fun by choosing to participate, learn and grow.

I have a friend who is a humorist. He goes through life looking at the world through the lens of funny. He connected with a cartoon artist who would sometimes take one of his ideas and incorporate it into a cartoon. There is no guarantee as to which ideas will make it to publication. Yet he continues to choose to offer his ideas and discover what might come out of it. When one of his ideas does appear in the newspaper, he is thrilled. He loves sharing his humor and making people smile. So he chooses to do anything and everything that’s required so that that possibility can actualize.

Choice creates. Creation is fun. You can make things happen. You can create a life you love living.

What are your choices creating?

Yours from Planet Joy,