What Do You Want?

by Leslie Sann

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do and you probably won’t get there.

Most of you know that one of the themes throughout my writing is the power tool of moving from victim to victorious. Something to note is that when we are negative we become the effect of events. Becoming the effect is experiencing life as a victim.

Not fun.

Notice I said that when we are negative, we produce victim consciousness as an outcome. We are not victims of anything Out There. Rather we are victims of our attitudes and expectations. Holding a point of view that life is doing you wrong and then arguing with the experience. That sort of thing.

Yet, when we are positive we become the cause of circumstances. By positive I mean engaged in action and participating in being part of creating favorable and preferred outcomes.

It serves then, to learn to be positive in our participation with life. I’m not talking about positive thinking. I’m suggesting a state of beingness. Choosing to nurture a point of view that there is a choice to find the good in whatever is going on — then to work with the good as a starting point.

Learn how to keep pushing your up consciousness. Even in a negative space, you can go higher. How? Keep focusing on what you can do. Not what you can’t do. What is possible and available to you right now? Take that step and see where it takes you. Get involved. Participate. Discover and create.

Imagine going into the hardware store. The attendant comes over and asks you how he can help. You begin by telling him that you don’t want paint. You don’t want nuts and bolts. You don’t want air filters for your furnace. You don’t want a spare set of keys. The man is getting antsy. He wants to know what you DO want. He wants to know what he can do to help.

You must have a positive focus. Where do you want to go? When you go to an airline website you must type in your destination in order to purchase tickets. It’s up to you to know where you want to go. There are lots of choices. Which one is the one you want?

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do and you probably won’t get there. So, what do you want?

If you missed the second offer of Calm Down Lift Up Together, that’s OK. I’ll be doing another one in January. It’s powerful to have support in clarifying where you want to go and in taking the actions to get you there.

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Blessings and Peace,