Living a Good Life

U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S

Foundational keys that lead to
greater joy, peace and fulfillment

Cut Through the Blah Blah Blah 

There is a lot of blah blah blah out there. Every day we’re being bombarded with stories about mindfulness, happiness quotient, emotional intelligence, meditation and more. After a while all the information becomes too much. There’s so much to choose from it’s often hard to know where to start.

That is where the Living by Design School comes in.

I have turned my lifetime of experience, plus my 30 years of professional career, into an experiential, useful program. Let me help you cut through the enormous amount of information into what is grounded, practical, and transformative.

The Living by Design School teaches practical, useful, life skills to support your learning, growth and personal evolution, while creating a life you love. You will learn what is necessary to practice the art of living a good life, so that you can lead a happier, less anxious, more peaceful and fulfilled life.

Whatever is going on in your life — whether you are entering a period of transition, want to improve your relationships, or are stuck in a rut — we’ll work collaboratively to enact changes that will lessen your suffering and increase your enjoyment of life.



Sunday, August 25 ::: BreathWork in the Country

Calm down and Lift UP into more ease, peace and relaxation. Get off the hamster wheel. Come back to the stillness within. Take time for just you to slow down and quiet. Give yourself a digital sabbatical. Allowing yourself a moment to pause and reset leads to greater ease, productivity and enhanced well-being. Click for more info.


Friday, September 6 at 6PM ::: Life Happens at Harvey’s Book Store

Join me at Harvey’s book store. It is first Friday in Geneva. I will be giving a presentation about Life Happening followed by a Q&A and book signing. Come out. Enjoy the night. Say hello.

LOCATION: Harvey’s Tales Book Store, 216 James St, Geneva, IL 60134


Saturday, September 7at 2-3PM ::: Listening as an Act of Love at the Theosophical Society

Communication is an active art between speaker and listener. Listening is often taken for granted in communications, yet listening to another person, truly listening, is one of the most pure signs of love we can share. In this interactive presentation, you will learn to identify the distinction between listening and hearing, experience how you listen to yourself and to others, learn how listening shapes your reality, and expand your capacity to listen, and therefore, to love. Click for more info.

LOCATION: Theosophical Society – Nicholson Hall – 1926 North Main Street – Wheaton IL 60187


September 18 at 6:30PM ::: Choosing Joyful Living at Delnor Health and Fitness

Joy is a sign of optimal health and well-being. Joyful people think differently. They are more inventive, resilient, patient, generous optimistic and kind. They focus more on what IS working rather than what is not, fostering gratitude and even more joy, because what is uncovered is an experience that is good to live in.

Discover what people who live in joy have in common. Learn simple tools to help shift from constricted states of unhappiness to the expanded state of joy. Learn vital tools to achieve more peace and joy in your life in the form of explorative inquiry.

LOCATION: Northwestern Medicine Delnor Health & Fitness Center – 296 Randall Road – Geneva, Illinois 


Thursday, October 10 at 7PM ::: The Art of Spiritual Resilience at the Theosophical Society

Resilience — the capacity to cope with and rebound from adversity — is a skill that can be mastered regardless of your age or circumstances. Like any skill, it takes knowledge and practice. Painful experiences, as with pleasurable experiences, come and go, but if you master the art of resilience you can maintain a level head and a sense of equanimity every day of your life.

LOCATION: Theosophical Society – 1926 North Main Street – Wheaton IL 60187


Saturday, November 2 at 1- 4PM ::: Cultivating your Inner Resilience

We become who we are because of the resilience of the human spirit. It is the resiliency of the human spirit that moves us forward in our life — in spite of the adversity each one of faces.

RESILIENCE is the presence something deeper than the human experience and is as available as your next breath.

Discover what people who are considered resilient in the face of adversity have in common. Learn simple power moves to help shift from resource-less states to the powerful states of resilience, possibility and creativity.

Learn vital tools to attain greater access to the resilience of your spirit in your life in the form of explorative inquiry followed by 30 minutes of focused breathwork.

BreathWork has been a life enhancing practice for thousands of years. Consistent practice will change the neural pathways in your brain so you can more easily calm down and open to the inner strength and resources that are always available.

LOCATION: Theosophical Society – 1926 North Main Street – Wheaton IL 60187

Core practices

your life


Develop a creative relationship to life. Rather than reacting as a victim, learn to respond and lift up into your creative, spiritual intelligence. Source from peace and engage with wisdom. 


Learn foundation keys to living a good life, from the inside out. These ground rules are practices to be incorporated into your daily living. As you become habituated to these core practices, you will find yourself and your life transformed.


Living life to the fullest is a process of learning and discovery. The power of community, coming together in a learning program with other participants, creates a place of support and inspiration. 


Studies show that people who exercise in groups more likely stay with their work out. The same is true for group learning. If you really want to follow through in becoming the person you want to be and living the life you love, the probability of success goes up dramatically when you commit to change as part of a group.


Let go of struggle, stress and urgency. Discover flow in action. Experience higher levels of productivity with more ease. Live more in peace, loving, caring and sharing. Use everything for your learning, growth and upliftment. Partner with life on life’s terms and win. Go beyond anything you imagined was possible — up until now. Live by design.

Leslie’s gift is her ability to help others choose happiness, empowerment and success in life. I am so grateful I took this course. I am rapidly becoming the woman I want to be because of what I have learned from Leslie.

Forrest Folsom

Managing Director of Marketing, Amateur Volleyball Player

Leslie is very generous with her attention to each individual. The resources she supplied us were extremely valuable. Her presence on the encouraged me to participate and learn.

Lynda Otte

Founder, LMO Solutions

Leslie, you have an amazing sense of humor, great insight as far as how the mind works, how we trick ourselves, talk to ourselves, talk ourselves out of things, etc. You share yourself personally and that encourages others to share.

In terms of the class you are very well prepared, have lots of tools for us, handouts and all of that stuff for me, lets me know that you really care about this class, not only it’s success for you, but for all of us. You are so conscientious about all of it. You are anyway, but I’m touched by the effort and follow through that is happening because of you in this class.

Eileen Sutz

Owner, CEO, All State Insurance Branch

Thank you for a wonderful day. It was just what I needed and I’m glad I came. The group of woman gathered was just perfect and your teaching was superb. I could see you were enjoying yourself and truly in your gifts.

Thank you for doing all the work of developing your programs, workshops, books, newsletter, private group page, classes etc., and sharing them with us. I appreciate the growth I have experienced since meeting and working with you.

I look forward to more to come. (Growing into next).

Kim Rager

Founder, Breath Rising

Leslie’s approach is gentle, supportive and motivating. She creates a safe space to share, learn and grow.

Robyn Randle

Trader, eTrade

Leslie is positive and enthusiastic. She is a great example of enjoying the process. I appreciate her sense of humor and her apparent joy in sharing her tremendous knowledge and skills with us.

Ellen Long