UP or Down?

by Leslie Sann

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Imagine up waking up tomorrow morning with the opportunity to choose if you want to go UP or DOWN today.

Would you choose: DOWN into resentment, anger, frustration, irritability or UP into joy, creativity and smiling?

What if making that choice in the morning influenced how your day would unfold?

The circumstances of your life do not determine the experience you have. Your choice to go UP or to go DOWN is what matters. How we relate to our circumstances shapes the experience we get to live in.

If you made the choice to go DOWN, events will feel like they are against you. You may argue with your circumstances cursing the experience you’re having, “Who is to blame for this fix I’m in?” And so on.

If you chose UP your relationship with the same circumstances would shift. You would welcome those very same conditions.

Example: You awake. It is dark in your bedroom as the light-blocking curtains are drawn. In the darkness you decide today is a lousy day thus choosing the DOWN button. You get out of bed, open the curtains to discover it has snowed in the night. Drat! You grumpily take your shower anticipating a cold day with icy roads. You begin to contract inside yourself armoring yourself agains the day. And guess what?The day is, in fact, lousy.

Your spouse, on the other hand awoke in the same dark bedroom with a smile. Parting the curtains invites the sun into the room, brightly bouncing off the pristine white snow that has fallen. Humming a tune as the coffee brews, your spouse snuggles into warm clothes eager to go out in the crisp air, cloudless blue sky and winter sun. Guess what? Your spouse enjoys a lovely day.

Every day, in every moment, we are allowed the choice: UP or DOWN.

Which will you choose?