Uncreate and Create

by Leslie Sann

The only thing that is going to change your life is making different choices.
~ Dain Heer

At the age of seventeen, I had the good fortune to live in Italy for the summer. Though my family was based in Rome we took may trips to other parts of this magnificent country to behold the beauty that abounds.

One such trip was to Florence where we visited the Accademia Gallery to view Michelangelo’s David. Turning the corner into the main room of the Gallery, catching sight of the figure of David, was for me literally breathtaking.

There are many fascinating facts about this masterpiece including that Michelangelo carved the David from a single block of carrara marble at the age of 26. David weighs more than 6 tons or 12,478 pounds; and stands 17 feet tall. Imagine the genius that was able to create this astonishing wonder.

Michelangelo is attributed to have responded, when asked about the difficulties that he must have encountered in the process of his creation, “I created a vision of David in my mind and simply carved away everything that was not David.”

There is no substantiation that he actually said this, for the reply has also been credited to others. Yet the response has power for it guides us to what is possible as a way of living.

Not only are we creators, we are also uncreators. We can uncreate what is no longer working for us and choose something else. Though the outcome of our lives is not static as was the end result of Michelangelo’s creation, our lives are a continuing unfolding of choice, possibility, action and creativity.

Attempting to uncreate habitual patterns can feel like running on a hamster wheel. Lots of movement with no real progress. The gravitational force fields of our habits keep us moving without going anywhere. Fostering an illusion of change, deceiving us in thinking motion is creative action. Not. Doing the same thing over and over creates the same results. This can be frustrating and unfun.

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Blessings and Joy,