Too Much?

by Leslie Sann

Opinions are like noses. Everyone has one. How would you like living inside someone else’s nose?

~ John-Roger 

Have you ever been afraid of how alive and full you truly are? Concerned you might be too much for others? Too happy, too silly, too odd, too quiet? I have discovered that many people are. As a result they have learned to contain and restrain their vitality and aliveness. Why? They are afraid of what others might think of them, concerned they might be rejected.

What if there is no such thing as too much? What if you are who you are and if anyone has a judgment/opinion about that, well, they get to live in their judgment and you get to enjoy being you.

What if playing small is what makes us miserable? Imagine putting yourself in a box so that you fit on the shelf along with all the other people who have put themselves in boxes.

What if fitting in is not what you are here to do?

In my life I’ve experienced trying to fit in. I come from a family that loved to call me weird and it caused me to ask what was wrong with me? Not the best question, as wrong isn’t a helpful word to enter into the search engine of the brain. Ask the brain a question and it comes up with data to support the search inquiry. Asking what is wrong? will lead to search results pointing out just that.

I have discovered more empowering questions such as: What is the difference in me that is a contribution? Or, what is the gift of me I am here to give?

Ahh, that opens up so much possibility—and—joy!

Perhaps we didn’t come here to fit in—to be like everyone else. What if our mission is to contribute our uniqueness to Lift Up those around us by being who we truly are?

This is our freedom. This is our choice. Our freedom is in our choices. What do you choose—to fit in or to Lift Up? One is contraction the other is expansion.

The attempt to fit in is a negation, an action of self-diminishment. How does playing small serve you or anyone else? What if that opportunity is to become more of who you truly are—a magnificent, potent, powerful being capable of contributing from the vastness of your essence?

I am large, I contain multitudes.
~ Walt Whitman

You too are large. You are huge. Who you truly are is infinite.

Yours from Planet Joy,