‘Tis the Season for Receiving

by Leslie Sann

Grace shows up unexpected in it’s full glory asking only that we receive.  ~ Martha Ringer

When we allow ourselves to see past the commercialism that abounds this time of year, we uncover something essential: the holiday season is about love and connection. We’ve ritualized this through the form of giving and receiving gifts, parties, cards, greetings.

Unfortunately, we often get over involved in the giving part that we don’t allow ourselves to really receive the abundance and the joy of the season.

For many, it is much easier to give than to receive. We are oriented towards giving, providing, supporting, sustaining, taking care of – being the one in charge. We like to be in control.

Some people feel vulnerable receiving, and put up all sorts of barriers. Deflection, self-deprecation, changing the subject, deciding the gift is the wrong gift, or it was given in the wrong way. We can be very creative in blocking ourselves from receiving.

How do YOU stop yourself from receiving fully?

People report they literally look away and either break, or avoid eye contact. Others notice they hold their breath. Some counter the giving with a self-deprecating remark.

Do any of these seem familiar?

How many times has someone thanked you for something you’ve done and your reply was, “It was nothing, no big deal.”?

Begin to notice how you respond. Do you actually take in the gift, and the essence of the gift? Or do you distract yourself or the other person in some way? Ask yourself if you are open to deepening your capacity to receive.

To me, when I really look, I see that love is the essence of a gift, a compliment, a gesture. The unconditional loving of one being to another. The gracious gesture of namasté — the sacred in me, honoring the sacred in you.

What would it be like if you took the time this holiday season to pause and really receive the gifts given, the cards sent, the greetings exchanged. What if you slowed down a bit, took a breath, and let it all in. It is a rich and wonderful time of the year.

We are all learning to open our capacity to give more and to receive more. What a great time of year to practice. ‘Tis the season!

Blessings and Joy,