Thought is Not Required

By Leslie Sann

Thought is not required, only action.

Wandering the streets of Arles, FR,  we find ourselves turned around. It is hot, very hot, with record-breaking temperatures. The paper map is unclear, or the street has no signage letting us know its name, or …

I pull out my iPhone and ask Maps to guide us. In 200’, turn right. I move to go as directed. My companion questions the instructions. Why is it sending us that way?

I prefer to take action and discover what happens. My navigator will let me know if I am off course or not. Standing in the sweltering heat, figuring out why Artificial Intelligence is doing what it is doing, will not get us to the outdoor restaurant so we can enjoy our lunch under a canopy of trees.

Thought is not required only action.

Life is a participatory process. We take action and create a result. Is the result of our preference? Yay? On course. Nay? Make an adjustment. In life, there is no such thing as a straight line going from here to there. Just like a plane, which more than 90% of the time is somewhat off course, we continuously put in corrections to keep moving towards our destination.

The process of living to me, is a treasure hunt. All that is required is for me to take the next step, and the one that follows will be revealed. How does life get any more fun than that?

Yours from Planet Joy & Gratitude,