There Is No Because

By Leslie Sann

I’m upset because ___.
There is no because.

~ Ron Hulnick

 What if there’s no such thing as “I am upset because…” You’re just upset. We tend to blame something out there for our inner disturbance. Instead, you can be a finger revolutionary, turn that blame finger back to yourself, and wonder what’s happening inside of you that you are experiencing disturbance.

If it’s in our consciousness, we get to clear it. We get to love ourselves back to peace. Attempting to figure out why you are upset is a useless endeavor. The need to know is a function of the programmed mind that tries to figure things out that it has no access to knowing. The best thing we can do is to know that we don’t know, and what we do know is that we’re upset, and we can do whatever it takes to come to peace.

And it takes as long as it takes—like scrubbing the grunge off the burnt pan. It could take a while for it to loosen and release finally. So we keep working our tools until we have a sense of freedom and peace.

This world can appear unfriendly, unkind and mean. It’s full of judgments, expectations, deceptions, separations and more. And we’ve adopted those behaviors as ways to control ourselves and others. That’s what we’re cleaning out. The implanted patterns that attempt to manipulate us into submission, controlling us into being something we’re not.
So we’re releasing the grunge from the burnt pan and restoring ourselves to the purity of our hearts. Yet we live in a negative (not bad) world; this is a negative planet, and the lower levels of our being are negative. Therefore, negativity is part of our experience here. There’s no getting around that, and it’ll be in our lives until we die.

The key is to lift up into knowing who we truly are, live sourced from ourselves as Soul, and clear anything in the way of us doing so.

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