The Sound of Peace

By Leslie Sann

Peace is present. Experiencing peace — that’s the goal. Whatever gets in the way of your experience of peace is yours to learn to handle. As you focus on peace, those things that are not peaceful will start dropping away.

~ John-Roger, founder of The Institute of Individual and World Peace

As an advocate for peace, I know through experience that projecting the vibration of peace and upliftment contributes to something greater than we can imagine.

You may know that at the beginning of the symphony, the first violinist stands up and sounds the A note. The rest of the orchestra then tunes their instruments in resonance. On the way to an attunement, the orchestra doesn’t sound very pleasant. It is in discord and disharmony.

Let’s pretend that you are (I am) the first violin, and the sound of A is the vibration of peace. What if as more of us played our A note, the more peace was expressed? What if we kept allowing our expression of peace to sing its sound into the world? Might the other instruments come into harmony? What if we held steady until that happened? What if the current disturbance in the world is merely the orchestra tuning up? Only if there is an A note to reference will our world come into harmonious accord.

Are you willing to be the sound of peace?

Where you focus our attention is where you will go. Do you remember riding a bicycle? Turn your head to the right, and that is where the bike will go. Turn to the left, and you move in that direction. We move towards where our attention is directed.

You can make a difference by contributing to our planet’s energy by being peace. When you choose peace, you make a positive difference. Both in the peace and well-being you’ve chosen to live and as your A note resonates with the rest of the world.

I encourage us all to choose peace. It is way more fun, pleasant, uplifting, engaging, kind, caring and … dare I say, a more powerful way to live.

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

Blessings and Joy to You and Yours this holiday season.