The Anti-BOB

by Leslie Sann

People say I don’t take criticism well, but I say, ‘What the hell do they know?’ ~ Groucho Marx

The Meet Bob article was received with a big haha and welcome.  For those of you who missed the article, you can find it here: [Meet Bob]

BOB stands for choosing to give the Benefit Of the Benefit. BOB for short. A few of my clients and friends have made BOB their new best friend. One client told me when she notices she is in disturbance she realizes she left BOB at home. That’s a wise woman.

Upset is a wake-up call to notice what thoughts are being invested in. If you are ruminating on who is to blame for the fix you are in, or judging whatever is going on as wrong or bad, you have probably met the anti-Bob.

Anti-bob is a bully. He is NOT your friend. He is mean, bossy, never satisfied and a grouch. He will make you miserable. He already has. He is the one who runs the “Life Sucks and then You Die,” movie on the screen of your mind, yucking it up in the projection booth while you are having a melt down because the movie isn’t going the way you think it SHOULD.

You could use this ‘upset’ as  Power Move moment. You could see ‘UPSET’ as a warning on the dashboard of your car, indicating you are close to danger and you need to take a corrective action. It seems you’ve left home without BOB and the anti-bob is having his way with you. Time to turn the car around and go fetch good-hearted, give the Benefit Of the Benefit, BOB.

Stop the car. Take a few deep breaths. Turn your attention to the source of the upsetting movie. Notice it’s just anti-Bob up to his silly tricks again. Reach up into the booth like the super-hero you are and flick him away. Or if you prefer, you can exhale him away.

Now go home by putting your hand on your heart and taking a deep breath, (or however you and BOB have worked out getting together). Invite BOB back into your car and off you go with BOB as your companion, meeting whatever occurs with beneficence.

Much better, yes?