Strike It Like Rich

by Leslie Sann

He wins who endures to the end.

~ John-Roger

I’m guessing you have heard about the recent Kentucky Derby race. If not take a peek here — the final 54 seconds of the race.

Clearly no one told the horse, Rich Strike, that he couldn’t win! By becoming the 148th Kentucky Derby winner he created the second biggest upset in Derby history.

Not what the experts had imagined, predicted. The odds had been 80-1. All those points of view, judgments for and against, blown away. The horse, oblivious to their opinions about his potential, did what he could do, and went for it with everything he had.

What if we live our life in that incredible way? All-in. Going for it. Just because we get to run. Here we are, alive on the planet. What if we ran our best race? Regardless of what other people think of us we choose to run our best race.

S/he wins who endures to the end. Winning is bursting through that finish line, no matter how far behind we were up until then. Don’t give up … keep on keepin’ on.

Let’s all run the race as if we can win. We show up at the gate fresh. What would I like to experience, where am I going, how do I get there? What’s next?

Now that Rich Strike has demonstrated what is possible, what do you imagine is now possible for you? Life is a gift. (Rich Strike was initially not slated to start in the Kentucky Derby.) You are here to run the race. It is your one and only life. Go for it.

Join me Tuesday, June 7 for the Lift Up into Possibility Together and learn to run your best race.

Yours from Planet Joy,