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Most topics are sourced from my books; Life Happens: What are YOU Going to Do About It? and Calm Down Lift Up into Joy, Peace and Creativity, and will serve in unlocking the creative power in your life, personally, professionally and in relationships.

Based on almost four decades of research as well as experiences from my own and my clients’s lives, these interactive, fun and transformational presentations will teach you how to train your brain to use the power of choice to become creative on purpose (instead of a reactive victim) in all parts of your life.


The Power of Personal Leadership

When Life Does What It Does — Do Something Back

Principles of Effective Relationships

Freedom and the Art of Forgiveness

The Art of Listening

Misery Making or Joyful Living

Turning Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

The Art of Spiritual Resilience

This is not about positive thinking or a positive attitude. Instead, these programs are about simple shifts in language and thinking you can use immediately to take ownership of your circumstances instead of them owning you! They are about taking leadership in your life, personally, relationally and professionally. These presentations come from the world of coaching and are grounded in neuroscience.

Once you experience, first-hand, the essence and the victory of self-empowerment, you will have access to the resources needed to create greater health, wealth and happiness in your life, your career and your relationships. By the end of the presentation, you will have useful tools to use starting immediately to change your life for the good.

You can empower yourself with your choices and actions.

You can transform your life by how you relate to your circumstances.

You ARE that powerful.


Leslie is a very effective speaker who uses great stories to illuminate her strong messages. She has keen insight into human nature and a great gift; teaching us how to recover from everyday obstacles. Leslie has infectious energy and all audiences will love her.

Lino Carillo

Founder and Past President of Batavia Talk of the Town, Toastmasters International

Thank you so much for your presentation on THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS. Not only was it extremely informative, but it was very interesting, full of experiential components, and very engaging. I am so grateful to you for the time and effort involved in being at the Theosophical Society. I’m looking forward to more interaction.

Barbara B. Hebert, Ph.D

National President, Theosophical Society

Your way of articulating concepts and ideas in a way that supports new learners and also of those who are experienced is brilliant. I am tickled you are on our faculty. Your methodology, your approach and your kindness are exemplary.

Carl DeStefano, DC

Founder, Health Pioneer Institute

Leslie Sann manages to use her gently delivered relationship insights and methods to transform a group of business associates back into human beings. What a difference that has made in our everyday interactions at Suite Partners. She taught us to lead with our hearts and think about not only the other person but our part in each and every situation. Every company should spend some time learning from Leslie.

Judy Faulkner Krause

Creative Director, Suite the LiveLab® Company, Chicago

Leslie Sann is an experienced, enthusiastic and very professional presenter and group facilitator. When I worked as Wellness Coordinator at the LivingWell Cancer Resource Center, Leslie led many programs which were very well received by the participants. She is an excellent educator and motivator. Please feel free to contact me at marianne@integrativecancer.org 

Marianne Woods Cirone

Creative Director, Integrative Cancer Review

Leslie Sann visited the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois four times in the past 8 months. Leslie is very passionate about her work and this comes through in her well-organized and sincere presentations. She engages the audience in a very interactive and energetic way that is very compelling and inspiring.

John Cianciosi

Program Director, Theosophical Society National Headquarters

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. I always find your presentations and workshops so unique, informative, and uplifting.  Thank you for sharing your amazing insights and knowledge with us.
Toni Humanski

workshop participant