Siri the Do-Gooder

by Leslie Sann

“I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.”

~ Noel Coward

Have you ever become irritated by your voice to text software? I am often annoyed by Siri (my voice to text gem). She is continually changing my words as I speak into my phone.

I have no idea how many times I’ve felt embarrassment as I read back what I sent. When I spoke it it was fine. But when I wasn’t looking she changed it on me!

Of course, now that I know that she is sneaky that way, I can slow down and reread what was typed and put in corrections. Yet, sometimes the words have been change so much I don’t remember what I wanted to say. At times like this, Siri is more of a hindrance than a help.

Recently, I had a friend visiting me. She came to help me with a big project. She’s a beautiful heart and a generous spirit. At times she reminded me of me when I’m being over-helpful. When, in my enthusiasm to make a contribution, I sometimes anticipate other people’s needs, follow through on what I think is good for them. Imagining I’ve been useful, I later find out my behavior was not as useful as I thought, and was even, perhaps, annoying.

It’s called being a do-gooder.

I was seeing the reflection of myself during a few moments of her visit. I shared with her how she was giving me a gift by letting me experience the other side of things. We laughed, enjoying the gift of each other, which includes loving each other enough to tell the truth while embracing our humanity.

Then Siri did one of her things. And I realized that is my complaint about Siri. Siri is a do-gooder.

Do-gooding is annoying.

I am indeed a recovering do-gooder.

Though I love to be of service and it gives me great joy to make a positive difference, to give more than somebody needs or wants, or has even asked for, is no service at all.

Ah well. It seems there is always an opportunity for learning and growth. I’m a perpetual student, continually growing and evolving into next.

My next is embracing and expressing GENUINE service which truly is a gift.