Singing in the Rain

by Leslie Sann

When you are laughing you may still feel the pain, but it won’t hurt. ~ John-Roger
    Have you ever had an experience that in the moment was dreadful to you, perhaps the worst thing that has happened to you ever, only to find after some time had passed that what you had gone through was funny?
     Life happens, often other than we had planned. We get to choose how we respond to our circumstances. We can whine or we can win. We can cry or we can laugh. We can experience the situation as a victim or find a way to be victorious.
    Oh, you’d like an example. Okay. Here ya’ go: I was awakened at 5:30 in the morning. It was pouring rain with thunder. I had left my hammock up, replete with all the cushions and pillows that make it a haven of comfort.
    The night before I had checked the weather on all three of my weather apps  before I went to bed. The info was maybe, maybe, maybe, a light sprinkle. With that in mind I covered my haven of summer comfort and joy with a tarp. Though shielded, it was not protected enough to keep it dry from the downpour.
    Oooo, I had a choice — do I stay tucked-in and cozy, leaving it all to get soaked and perhaps mildew later? I knew that wasn’t an option for me. Therefore, I got up and went outdoors. It was still dark and the storm was raging. The thunder was magnificent. It wasn’t long before I realized my new raincoat was not weatherproof. (How does it get any better than that?)
    I remembered the statement, If it is going to be funny later, it is funny now. My attitude shifted to noticing the humor in the situation. Getting drenched wearing my new raincoat was part the amusement as was the awkwardness of dismantling everything in the rainy darkness.
    Hanging the hammock and all the paraphernalia up to dry in the garage was a creative opportunity as well. I went inside and took a warm lovely shower and then crawled back into bed. I cuddled up with a book, then meditated. It was quite pleasant overall. A surprise start to my day. Yum and fun!
    I was going to be wet and cold whether I was crying or laughing, cursing or singing. Doing the deed in the mood of adventure and fun changed the experience from Oh no what a mess to Oh boy what fun! Not only that, it gave me a story to share with you. Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy! Life Happens: What Are YOU Going to Do About It?
    Yours from Planet Joy,