Shedding your Skin, Blossoming Even More

By Leslie Sann

What if you allowed your next to come?
~ Allison Crowe

This is the deal—we are more than human beings. We are also human becomings. We are designed to evolve into something next. Growing is our thing, and we like it. We are inclined to stretch, try new things, explore and grow. Curiosity leads us to explore and experiment. That’s the fun part of having a human brain.

Life, in the form of people, circumstances and situations, constantly presents us with opportunities to expand and lift— allowing us to grow past a previous limitation into something next. As human becomings, there is always next. We are continuously evolving, and life is designed to nudge us forward. We stretch the boundaries of our comfort zone, and we grow. Our zone of the familiar has expanded, and we are now ready for the next adventure.

The game of creating a life you love, stretching past what was familiar, provokes thinking designed to keep you from becoming the next best version of yourself. As you set off on your adventure of creation, everything that has kept you from having what you want will poke its head up to challenge your commitment.

This is good news. Good news because part of waking up to who you really are and what you have to give is discovering how you have, up until now, held yourself back. Now you can do something different and expand into new possibilities. That means making room for a bigger version of you.

Learning to release what is not working and choosing what does is essential to living by design. There is no need to disdain the patterns we created in the past. A rose doesn’t regret it was once a bud, or small blossom, now that all its petals have unfurled. We can instead celebrate our readiness to let go like a snake shedding its skin so that the next version of itself can emerge.

This is why people repeat Lift Up courses or choose to work with me on a 1:1 basis. Life is good, and it can get even better and even greater than that.

Are you ready for better and even greater?

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Yours from Planet Joy,