Say Yes!

by Leslie Sann

Say yes.  ~ Frankie Bergstein

Play a game with me. Say yes to whatever is going on in the moment. See what happens inside of you. Yes to this traffic. Yes to looking on the scale and seeing the number is higher than last check in. Yes to somebody that’s really important not calling back. Yes to the raccoon raiding the bird feeder, yet again.

Where does YES take you? A friend likes to say it “Yay ! I get to participate in this. I get to do this.” I love that. Saying yes to life as life is showing up.

Notice what happens in your brain when you say “I get to do this.” I get to be here doing this now. For me, I notice an immediate upshift into seeing what is here for me and how can I contribute.

Whatever it is you’re going through, I wonder what would happen if you said yes?

Why not find out by experimenting? I encourage you to say YES to your life. Yes to your husband falling asleep on the couch, again. Yes to your child coming home with average grades. Yes to the promotion you just got. Yes to selling your book to a publisher after 10 years of trying. Yes to a long relaxing weekend away with just your spouse. Yes to another day of rain. Yes, yes, yes!

Perhaps it would calm you down and lift you up into possibility that is unseen when you’re saying no or arguing with what is. Yes, I am willing to see the good here and now. 

Yes, thank you, yes.

Blessings and Peace,