Santa Loves You — A Lot!

by Leslie Sann

Here’s a little exercise. Make a list of all the people, things and qualities in your life for which you are grateful. It might surprise you all of the abundance you have in your life.
~ John-Roger

Picture 37 presents under the tree . Wow, what a haul! Only thing is you are griping that you don’t have 38. Number 38 is the one you notice you don’t have because it isn’t there.

Santa has just lugged all those goodies into the house and stacked them neatly under the tree. Santa is listening just inside the chimney because one of his joys is to hear the happy sounds when people open their gifts. There he is waiting patiently for you to arrive, enjoying the cookie you remembered to put out for him. He hears you patter down the stairs and slip into the living room. Ahhh, he sighs. This is the good part of my job, enjoying your enjoyment as you open your gifts.

And then you are done. There is a huge pile of discarded paper and boxes and when you realize there is no number 38, you start to gripe about what is missing. There are 37 presents under the tree just for you, but the one that you consider missing negates the joy of all the others that were gifted.

Santa is listening to everything you say. His heart sinks. He feels his chest getting heavy and there is a knot in his belly. He decides to leave.

Little did you know he was working on number 38. It was just taking a bit longer than you decided it should. Life is like that sometimes. The creation process take as long as it takes. But now, well, there are lots of people who have asked for gifts and there is only one Santa. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll give up on number 38 because who wants to give into a complaint?

Do you?

Thirty seven gifts sounds like a lovely amount of abundance: health, a good job, more than enough money to pay the bills and then some, friends, a loving family, a great benefits package that allows extended vacations, and a 401K matching retirement plan. It’s just that you broke up with your beau a short time ago and now want to know why a new one hasn’t yet been delivered. As a result of the change in relationship status, 37 presents may as well be zero, as clearly you have been denied and have a right to be miserable.


If you say so.

We all get to live in the choices we make: choices of focus, choices of action, choices to be grateful, or to not be grateful.

One of my mentors loves to say, “The issue isn’t the issue, it is how we relate to the issue that is the issue.” Get it? It’s not that there is no #38 under the tree. It’s that the absence of #38 is related to as deprivation and the 37 that are there go unnoticed and unappreciated.

So back to Santa. What kind of guy do you think he is? Do you think he’ll come through with #38?

Would you?

Perhaps you’d like to learn to live as a Grateful Point of View? Santa would like that. My guess is that so would you. See details below for a gift from me.

Yours from Planet Joy,