Rising Above It

by Leslie Sann

When you change your attitude you change your experience. When you raise your altitude on a given situation you see it with a new attitude.~ Bertrand Babinet

I recently was talking to my wise friend and health advisor Dr. Bertrand Babinet. We were exploring neck discomfort I sometimes experience. He was muscle testing to discover what, if any, remedy was available to alleviate the complaint.

I heard myself tell him that it doesn’t really bother me that much because I am able to rise above it. It wasn’t until later that I realized that is what I do. I lift up to a higher more observing consciousness and witness there is a disturbance in my body.

This is  called getting altitude. From a higher place we can assess a broader scope of the problem. I am no longer in the problem but observing the problem.

From a higher perspective I might even discover it’s not a problem at all but it’s actually an opportunity to take care of myself in new and more rewarding ways. Which is what I am doing. I’m now on homeopathic protocol that will help me resolve the issue at its source.

A complaint is a signal we send ourselves in order to get our attention. Something is off course and we need to take remedial action.

If I wasn’t the person who tends to rise above things (I don’t always do that right away — being human and all), I could get stuck in the discomfort of my neck and begin to fret about a future in a neck brace or some worry brain outcome of doom and gloom. Instead I had the wisdom to use the discomfort as motivation to take action.

Rising above it can be used when we are having conflict with another person, or are stuck in traffic, or anything that’s triggering upset. There’s a way to practice lifting up into the place called the witness or the observer. Take a breath, invite yourself to relax, and from a place of calm notice what’s going on. I call it Calm Down Lift UP.

This isn’t a spiritual bypass. We’re not pretending there is nothing going on. We’re shifting our viewing point so we could have space to assess how to intervene.

When we calm down and lift up we have greater access to our wisdom and creative resources. It becomes clearer to us as to whether there is an action to do, such as call our favorite Bertrand, sing a song or go take a nap.

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