Give yourself some time with you

Pause and Reset

Is now the time to touch into some nourishing beauty and deep work? You are invited to co-create a half or a full-day retreat with me and support yourself in taking your time, going deep, becoming clear and emerging with actions to serve the next leg of your journey.

Getting out of town into something new; open space, green, slower pace. There is also more space in our time together to go deep, to do substantial work while enjoying the environment, perhaps outdoors.

So much variety in supporting the discovery process while moving energy, clearing clutter, and creating clarity.

Perhaps now is a good time for you to retreat, clear debris hanging around, make space, create clarity, set a vision, and plot a course of action in beautiful country, a mini-vacation. Reach out. We will design something just for you.

BreathWork and or BARS can be included.

You are welcome to come out with a partner, friend, or friends that can also be created. A small group coaching event can easily happen. As you can see, I’m excited about designing something to serve you in growing from good, to good-er to great!

You don’t have to be currently coaching with me to take advantage of this opportunity. Consider this a wonderful treat for yourself, exploring possibilities.

Make it Even More Nourishing

If you’d prefer to make it even more of a getaway, there is the Herrington Inn and Spa in Geneva. You could come to town the day before, book services, walk the historic town, stroll along the river and meet with me the next day or visa-versa. Meet with me, then book yourself into the Inn and use the time to integrate and be with yourself as you sort through the value of the session and what you are going to do with what occurred. 

There is a train, West Line from Ogilvie, that comes to Geneva from Chicago.

I’m reliving the beauty, peace, and calm of Sunday’s experience. Just being in nature, in the gorgeous setting of your home makes all my cells vibrate with health. I can understand why you love living out there. In these surroundings, removed from the relentless clickity-clack of the city, how much more leisurely and smoothly our conversation flowed.

And what amazing ‘work’ we did. I’ve already used the breathing technique to fall back asleep last night, to meditate and to bring stillness present.  Monday turned out to be a stay at home day to take care life as I prepare for my trip. Yet, everything seemed a little shinier and brighter — a heightened sense of tactile pleasure in folding clothes and fitting them into the suitcase for example. It’s as if I had tuned into a new channel in my perception — now in HD.

Thank you for your belief in me, your support, your wisdom, your Yiddish “sechle,” and humor. How fortunate am I that our paths have crossed.

Bonnie H.

What are you waiting for?
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Pick up the phone — email me — reach out — ask questions — be curious.
Let’s explore if a Country Cha-Cha is in your stars.