Relax, Receive
and Create Ease 

Thursday, August 5, 2021
6:30pm CT

on Zoom

Are you willing to receive that which you are asking for?
All that you have asked for cannot actualize if you are not open to receive. Yet f
or many, receiving is a challenge.

Receiving is essential to self-care. We fill ourselves up so that we can give from the overflow. When we receive more we can then contribute even more.

Life is full of possibilities. Relaxing, receiving and allowing greater ease are some of them.

Learn to say yes, thank you to the abundance the
Universe is willing to provide.

You may not know you are a wizard
until someone gives you a magic wand
and you discover what you can create.


Consider me that someone

and this class is your magic wand.

These events offer tools that you can use to create a joyful reality even more expansive than what you have decided is possible. It will open you to receive more so that you can be a greater contribution to yourself, to everyone around you — and to our world.

Throughout the summer these individual classes will allow you to dive deep into what is stopping you from having the happiness and ease you truly desire, giving you tools to create a joyful life beyond what you’ve decided is possible. You will be introduced to completely different perspectives, tools and techniques to change the way you’ve been functioning. You will be empowered with simple steps to end your struggle with life.

The material is sourced from Leslie’s life-long exploration of methods, practices and tools that come from consciousness expansion practices that support creating a life of joy. Learn how to live by design as a true creative power in your life.

I am thoroughly enjoying this program. I love your positive energy! It’s so refreshing to have an encouraging and hopeful mindset and approach to life instead of all the negativity and gloom and doom that has been programmed into us. Especially during this past year. Onward to something greater!

Kimberly N.

How The Event Will Unfold

Though each class will have a theme it will be tailored to the individuals in the group. Classes are interactive. There may be journal writing exercises and small group processes made possible by a feature on Zoom called breakout rooms. The evening will unfold organically within a structure and a design that will support you in moving forward in your life.

Space is limited as I will be designing the experience to who is in the group and what each person is working towards.

If you cannot be on the call live, register and you will receive access to the audio.

I start on time. Ending time is approximate. We may go as much as 15 minutes later, depending on the activity of the group.

Investment in You: $49

Thursday, August 5, 2021

6:30 – 7:45PM* Central time
6:00PM ET, 5:00PM MT, 4:00PM PT)
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*ending time is approximate

Limited enrollment

If your bank or credit union is part of Chase you can use Zelle:

 Please send an email to me at if you register with Zelle so I can get you into Zoom.

Due to the nature of the event there are no refunds or transfers.

Once payment is received, within the next 24 hours, you will receive a link to register for the seminar and an access code so you can join the Zoom Room.

PLUS everything you need to set up for this event.

 Enter your name and email address on the registration page to get the Zoom info so you can join us.

I am so grateful to myself for working with you because I am not the same person I was. Choosing to wonder is so powerful. I feel less strained, more enthusiastic, less stress, more ease and spaciousness. I am living more in my essence and being truthful. A great shift.

Maria L.

Showing up being a part of this group helps me to not only feel part of a community, but when I say something to someone who is willing to listen, it makes my vision feel more real. Having someone mindfully listen made me feel like I’m getting closer to my vision.

Beth Nestler

Zoom FAQs

Q: Everyone is doing Zoom these days. What the hey is it?
A: Zoom is a videoconferencing software that works great for online classes. Go here to download the app for any/all of your devices: Once you have downloaded the app you are set up for any Zoom experience you attend in the future.

Q: How late can I get on the call?
A: I begin on time. I suggest joining us before start time as sometimes, not often, getting on can be a challenge. And that is up to you. Most people appreciate getting there before we start. Once we hit class start time I’m fully in the class and cannot handle technical glitches. I wish I could do both.