Problems are Good for You

by Leslie Sann

You are here to solve problems from a loving consciousness.

The above quote landed in my inbox and I wondered, can life be that simple? In hindsight, I see my life has been a series of problems that I, based on results, have overcome.

A younger version of me was not skilled at managing problem solving. I would avoid engagement. Like a small child putting her hands over her eyes, if I couldn’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I found out that strategy didn’t work. The problems were still there, only more challenging.

I would get anxious when I faced a circumstance that was unfamiliar. I would freak, eek! The sky is falling and I don’t know how to catch it. I don’t know what to do.

Crazy Brain on steroids.

Over time I learned to meet my circumstances with curiosity. I learned problem solving is fun. It calls upon my creativity. I love figuring things out. I learned that I could pretty much figure out anything. Including who to ask for help when assistance was needed.

It was when I believed I should know before I had the experience, that got me in trouble. When I accept that I don’t know, I relax. When I relax, I find my mind is open. When my mind is open, I am available to receive inspiration. This shift helps me see possibilities in problems. Once I have the vision of what is possible, I can create a project and design actions that will lead me to that outcome.

What about you? Do you think you need to know what you don’t know before you learn how to know it?

No one knows before we know. The expectation that we should know makes us anxious, inept and unimaginative. Not a resourceful state at all.

Meeting the unknown with creativity and wonder is a resourceful state. We engage with action and produce a result. Circumstances change because of our engagement. We look at the outcome and decide if there is more action to take. This is how we live by design. Choosing and acting in relationship to the situation we are in.

We see possibility in problems. We turn our vision of possibility into a project. Taking continuous action towards our vision leads us to creating what we want.

Or something even better.

If you are having trouble seeing possibilities in problems, reach out. I might be able to help get you free.