By Leslie Sann

Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.
 ~ William James

During a recent visit to NY to see family, we went to dinner in Manhattan, where my two nieces live. We dined at their favorite restaurant, which was filled mostly with patrons under 40.

My sister, brother-in-law, mother and myself have silver hair, a sign of those who lived longer. My mother has lived the longest, at almost 92.

We were seated at a round table where my mom and I were tucked into the back by the wall facing the restaurant. After scanning the room, my mother turns to me and says, “I’m the oldest person here.” I responded, “Mom, you are most likely one of the oldest people on the planet!”

That got my attention, so when I returned to my computer, I researched and discovered that 2.0% of the world’s population is over 80, and 0.02% is over 100 years old. It took me a while to find that 0.23% is over 90; at almost 92, the percentage is less than that.

Those statistics had me realize that my mother is a rarity and, as such, to me, is precious. At that moment, the value of her presence in my life increased, and I was urged to appreciate her more than I already am. Yes, thank you! With that simple reframe, she has become more cherished.

Have you got it? Change the frame, change your point of view, change your reality. Your point of view creates reality. If you are not enjoying the experience of your life, perhaps a reframing could assist.

Yours from Planet Joy & Gratitude,

Happy almost 92nd birthday, mom.