The Power of Presence

Guided by Leslie Sann

October 21, 2017

Imagine waking up even more to the power of your presence, the source of your true Creative Power, where you can Partner with Life. Too many of us live from the outside in, living by chance, by default, abdicating to outer circumstances, reactive to life happening. We struggle at times to shift UP to our BIGgest, most resilient and empowered self.

You don’t have to do that. 

You could instead expand into a more empowered version of yourself. As you learn to empower your Presence you become adept at UPshifting to a place of Peace, Love, and Joy from which you can creatively dance with your relationships, career and with life.

Sourcing from Empowered Presence leads you to prosperity in health, wealth and happiness because when you are present you are living in the higher brain, the wonder brain, where you are resourceful, resilient, creative and powerful.

The Power of your Presence leads you to prosperity in Health, Wealth and Happiness

Join me in this journey of empowerment and release the limitations keeping you from the power of your presence and creating a life you love.

Move beyond philosophy into doing; beyond thought into BEing. Learn actionable, practical, useful tools that will change your life for the good.

We will explore what gets in the way of your personal leadership, how you diminish your power and live other than in presence. Additionally we will clarify what it is you want to grow into next using the day to fuel that transformation.

As part of our journey we will engage in Breathwork. Breathwork is an ancient spiritual practice in both the Eastern and Western traditions and is the one of the most reliable and useful tool of transformation available. When we discover the power of our presence, the truth who we are, there is an awakening to a new and joyous reality where there are more choices, more love, a clear connection with purpose in life and access to your creativity and life force energy.

This learning experience is for you if you are willing to go deep inside and stand powerfully in your presence, shifting from holding back to the joy of full creative expression.

From Start to Finish


Lead-in coaching designed to prepare you to get the most from the experience. We get started right away so that you aren’t waiting until October to begin developing your Powerful Presence


Join Leslie in a life changing event in a retreat setting on

October 21, 2017

Geneva, Illinois (west of Chicago)

Wrap-up group coaching to help you integrate your experience.

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  • A full day of Breathwork, Presencing Processes and more discovery
  • Catered lunch so you can stay tucked into the retreat experience
  • Lead-in conference calls with Leslie focused on living from relaxed action while becoming an empowered leader in your life. Leslie will be answering questions, coaching people live, and help prepare you for the October 21 event. The first call will be on September 6.
  • All sorts of support materials to nourish you on your journey delivered to you from the moment you say yes, including a private FaceBook page
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I am more relaxed and calm. At ease. Also, I am more able to notice myself getting ahead of myself and I can come back to center. I have been searching to know this truth – that I am powerful and I am inspired to live from relaxed presence. I had a taste of what is possible and I want more.

Jennifer Leonard-Comperda

Real Estate Agent, Baird and Warner

I LOVED the investment in myself. Brings it back to me. Things happen. What am I going to do about it? The weekend retreat was more powerful than I expected. The group was great and so helpful in my learning.

I am so grateful I said yes. I find instead of making myself small, standing tall and stepping into the truth of me. Rather than fear I find myself living in creativity. and wonder.

The experience has been so liberating. I keep calming myself by reminding myself this will unfold when it does and I will know what to do. I find myself living in the knowing that all is unfolding as it should. What a relief!

Lisa Pilney

Director of Human Resources, ITW

I feel stronger in the sense that I know I am more grounded than I thought I was and I can tell when I’m not present. I can tell more and more when I’m not, and I’m learning how bring myself back to present.

I am more present and aware and CAN bring myself back if I’m not in the ‘pity party mood’, meaning I’m more committed to playing victim than being present.

The Power of Presence is definitely a Power that is growing within me. The more often I use it, the more natural it’s use comes to me and the more cognizant I am of Being in the Presence and am able to get back when I drift off course.

Bev Brown

Retired Nuclear Cardiology Manager

I notice myself future thinking and I remind myself that’s not happening now … so I bring myself back … and I hear Leslie’s voice reminding me … “Let’s call ourself present” and I do. It brings me back to what I need to be doing and helps me focus on the task at hand instead of what hasn’t happened yet.Erica Burke, Registered Nurse

Erica Burke

Registered Nurse

I realize I have more personal power and range of expression than I had been aware of. The BreathWork was an incredibly powerful tool that released stuck energy and brought forward insights that were life changing. I now feel an internal sense of self and energy that I don’t know I have ever been aware of.

The other participants were incredible and the sense of community and support amplified my learning and allowed me to look at myself more honestly for I felt tremendous support from not only Leslie but all who were present.

Susan Wilke-Poole

I got so much more out of the whole experience than I ever could have imagined. while doing the breathwork, we got to release barriers that may have been preventing us from access to that authentic power for years (or, in my case, a lifetime?) And, in just the few days since, I have already used my new awareness and authenticity in some client conversations to great success, for both me AND my clients!

Not only did I succeed in my intentions for the retreat, but I also got to bear witness to the other women discovering for themselves how integral, and important, and necessary they each are to any situation they are in, WHEN they are fully present … And the tremendous power they can wield when they (we) show up that way too!

I’m so appreciative to Leslie for modeling what leading from presence can look like (and how very much POWER it really has!)

Andrea Sholer

Speaker, Writer, Coach, Andrea Sholer Coaching