Not Broken

By Leslie Sann

You only know better once you know better.

Sometimes a client will come into my office saying, “I need you to fix me,” or “I need you to help me fix this.” Fix what, I ask. What’s broken?

My office (phone or in person) isn’t an emergency room for fixing; it is a place where we design actions to support you in creating a life you would like to live—a life you love. You don’t have to be broken to create a better life. It is OK to prefer something else and then take action to make that happen.

We can’t fix what’s wrong because there’s nothing wrong. There’s just something that’s not working the way we prefer, and therefore there’s an opportunity to do something different, to create something better. We try to fix what we call wrong when it is more powerful to invest in creating possibility.

There are no broken relationships. There are no broken people. There are thoughts that don’t support calling out the best in us or others.

Nothing is out of order when life is happening other than you imagined. Instead, there is an opportunity to learn to do better. You only know better once you know better.

So, who would you be without the thought, “There is something wrong with me”?

What if you weren’t broken or wrong? What if you were ready for something next? What might be possible for you?

Join me for an evening workshop on Thursday, December 8, From Victim to Victorious, and discover tools to shift from reactivity to creativity.

Yours from Planet Joy,