Mrs. Magoo Strikes Again!

by Leslie Sann

You are here to solve problems from a loving consciousness. ~ John-Roger

Where is it? I was cleaning up my kitchen and was unable to locate the organic cotton bag I used to drain yogurt to make whey as my new fun food thing is making fermented food.

I remember boiling the bag to sterilize it after I had used it and then recoiling from my first attempt to squeeze out the too hot water for my hands to wring. And … where did I put it? I could not find it — anywhere. And I looked — everywhere.

Someone I once knew loved to say that a benefit of having dementia is that you could hide your own Easter eggs. That always made me smile. Not as much as when I found the bag in the trash. Trust me. I looked there at the start. I didn’t see it. Have you ever looked and not seen? It happens.

When I found it I remembered the benefit of dementia and wondered if I don’t, we don’t, create our own problems so we can have something to do. Perhaps we set up situations as a way to call out our talents and gifts. Maybe we like to solve puzzles so a part of us accommodates us by putting the bag in the trash when we are not looking — as in not paying attention as in present to what we are doing.

Mrs. Magoo is my teacher in many ways. She lets me know when I’m not present with my doing for that is a ripe moment for her mischief. She also lets me repeatedly discover how creative, resourceful and tenacious I can be. All gifts I appreciate and I am grateful to Magoo for showing me what I’m made of.

Whether Magoo is busy mischief making or life is happening other than expected we are left with this moment and the question now what?

I’m teaching myself to show up for life as if it were a treasure hunt. There is always something next for me to discover. I can’t control what happens Out There. I do have control over my attitude.

Learning to calm so I can lift into creative, joy and peace has been a useful and powerful tool for me. Oh, that reminds me, my book Calm Down Lift Up Into Joy, Peace and Creativity is now available on Amazon on Kindle or as a softcover book. Or if you want an autographed copy you can purchase one from me.

Blessings and Joy,