Mentor Coaching

Nourishing the soil so you can grow

We are more than human beings; we are human becomings, evolving, and growing into something next. Studies show that people who are happier, healthier, and live longer have developed a learning mindset.

After more than 35 years of listening to people, I realized our culture lacks a wisdom community for people to tap into and that most, if not all of us, can use guidance and support in growing Up into next. Since we are intelligent, we should already know how to live well. Yet most of us need support in learning to grow our lives in fulfilling and meaningful ways.

Living in Creativity, Joy and Peace

Shifting from reactivity to creativity

You are an artist, and your life is your creation. And as with any artist, there are skills to learn and utilize to support your creativity, and I will assist you in learning these skills.

As you empower yourself with your choices and actions, you may discover an inner joy from using your creative energies to craft the life you want. Joyful people think differently and are more inventive, resilient, patient, generous, optimistic, and kind. They focus more on what is working rather than what is not, fostering gratitude and even more joy. What is uncovered is an approach to life with experiences that are good to live.

In the goodness, there is joy. In the joy, there is ease. In ease, there is power. Where there is power, there is an ability to make a positive difference in your life.

One of the power moves I will share with you is that of sourcing from a peaceful presence. I will show you how to Calm Down so you can Lift Up. If you are wound up like a top, crunchy and driven, there is no space for creativity, wonder, or joy. If you are spinning, spinning, spinning, and moved by outside forces, there is no quiet to hear inner wisdom guide you.

You will discover how to live from relaxed action and ease. You will learn to tap into inner resources rich with creativity, wisdom, intuition, and more. From here, you become a co-creator with life, taking actions that will make a positive difference in your life. You will be living by design.

Working Together

People don’t COME to COACHING to Stay the SAME

To have what you want, you have to change. If you could have that experience from where you are, you would already have it.

Some of my most potent work is with my private one-to-one clients. My coaching is created and customized for each individual, making it transformative and unique. I work with people who don’t need coaching but want it because they know it supports their life and joy.

I support my clients in clarifying their desires, aligning their energy, shedding limiting beliefs, expanding their thinking and increasing their confidence so they can transform their lives into fulfilling lives.

As your mentor and coach, I will guide you in identifying your most important personal and professional goals and eliminate the barriers that have previously prevented you from achieving them, in the past, and so you can take the actions necessary to make those goals a reality. We work together to design, reach and achieve the future you have always wanted. You will see a new opportunity, take different actions and create the results you prefer to live in; the experience that was once a dream is now your living reality.

That’s Transcendent Coaching 

There are many ways to create a transcendent experience. Rising above the negative and restrictive. If we choose to work together, we will embark on a specifically designed plan to serve you in moving from where you are in the moment to what you want to become. I will mentor you in changing so you can experience what you want.

Small, subtle shifts are beautiful and powerful. Change, gently unfolding, revealing powerful results. One step at a time. Living by design.

Growing into Next

People from many professions and walks of life choose to work with me. These people are growth-oriented and want to make the most of the stages of creativity they’re growing through in their lives. They are looking for something more than a traditional approach. Achieving goals matters. Yes, we work on attaining your goals. Goals move us forward and set us up for our evolution. And, we are human becomings. There is great joy in developing ourselves internally, blossoming into our gifts, and giving into the world from an abundance of joy.

Investing in Yourself

Some of the challenges of personal growth are the investment of time, energy, and money. However, the return on your investment is enormous: happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind. The transformation you experience and the opportunity to live a meaningful and joyful life will contribute value that will endure.

It is Easy to Get Started

When you contact me, we’ll explore what you want to create and how I can assist. This initial conversation is complimentary as it is essential before you invest in this process for us both to know I am a good fit for you. Our time together is also for you to experience what it would be like to have a mentor. This way, you can make an informed choice.

On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to start?

 After our initial conversation, I suggest what I think would serve you at this time. Often we start with just five sessions. You can experience how coaching works, and we’ll create a program just for you if you wish to continue. Each person is unique, and how we work together will be tailored to you to support what you want to achieve.

Why didn’t you pick a lower number?

Your Next Move

I commit to clients ready for personal transformation, using me as a catalyst. You may not be ready for this kind of engagement or individual attention. You don’t have to be. Not everyone is. There are alternatives, such as my Living by Design School, where you can find online learning programs and live workshops.

The only way to find out if what I have to offer is something that will serve you is for us to set up a conversation and explore what is possible. If this sounds exciting to you, please reach out. Together we can consider what will contribute to you, and you can choose which of my offerings serves you best.

Whatever your choice, I wish you a life of joy, prosperity, and abundant blessings.

Working with Leslie has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have always been relatively positive and resilient, but a number of events had compromised my belief in myself. Through a year of conversation and work, I have learned to trust myself in new and profound ways, have the strength to move forward with positivity, and have the tools to work through uncertainty. Leslie won’t give you a single prescription to success or health, but will work with you to find and strengthen the tools you have in yourself to get where you want to be.

Tai Kojro-Badziak, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

Owner, CEO, Room Ten Design

I can not imagine my life in Charleston without having been coached by you and your beautiful breath work! I am moving into a more relaxed way of being that sometimes is uncomfortable due to the push way I lived for so long. I still have vision/goals/desires and I’m living now in gratitude, beauty, a state of grace I didn’t think was possible. Thank you for your powerful coaching over the past few years!

Sherry Welsh

Founder, Sherry Welsh Coaching

The bottom line is I am sleeping better. I review my day, I realized I did my best, if there is something more, it goes on tomorrow’s list. I calm myself down by reminding myself day is done and there is nothing to be done now. I got to sleep. This is a huge shift from the past when I would continually beat myself up for not doing more.

I now have the tools to get myself back in a more positive, resourceful place. Leslie helped me quell what she playfully calls the Mind Monsters. They used to keep me up all night continuously blabbing that I should have done more. This may sound like a simple shift, but it was and is profound. My whole life is more peaceful and I am finding I am actually fulfilled.

Russell Gage

Founder, Ground Zero Products

Your suggestions are working. I do them and they work! It was totally unexpected and it rocked my world for a while as I was outside my comfort zone. But the results!

I am now living amicably with my neighbors upstairs and down. I am living in peace & tranquility. The change has brought me time to figure out my next step in where & how I want to live. You’ve shown me how to make requests, how to take better care of myself and how to move forward from a place of love.

Your guidance has been extraordinary.

N. M.

Thank you for all the amazing things you have taught me this year while encouraging me to step out into my own gifts. You have been a huge blessing to me. I am grateful for your listening ear, intuitive guidance, direct honesty, gentle holding. I love your unique combination of “firey pizaaz” and gentle insightful guidance.

You have been by my side, celebrating with me, assisting me process the joys and the challenges, and assisted me in making my dreams come true.

Kim Rager

Founder, Breath Rising

You always encourage me to look inside myself for answers — to not be a victim but to call myself to better.

Gabe Chapman