A Case for Losing My Mind

By Leslie Sann

When I say not to think,
I mean that if you have a thought,
think nothing of it.​​​​​​​
            ~ attributed to a Chinese Zen Master

Living by design is all about exploring our inner selves and letting what is deep within us blossom and burst outward into the world in ways that feed us and nurture others. I do my best to live this process of self-exploration and sometimes find myself having the funniest inner dialogs as I navigate the kaleidoscope of my thoughts.

Playing with the concept of mindfulness (mind-full-ness), I found myself having one such musing that I thought would be fun to share.

Moi: I object that my goal in life is to be mind-full, Your Honor.

Your Honor: But that’s the biggest rage. What’s wrong with it? What’s your objection?

Moi: When I’m full of my mind, I am in crazy land, and I don’t like it. There is too much thinking going on.

Your Honor: Continue.

Moi: When I’m full of my mind, I’m filled with thoughts. Why would I want to be mind-full? I’d rather be mindless. One of my prayers is that my mind leaves me alone!

Your Honor: Mindless, that would mean you’re a blithering idiot.

Moi: I object, Your Honor! The times when my mind has gone quiet and at ease, I’ve been the most brilliant! The most creative! The happiest! The most joyful! I prefer not to fill my mind full of thinking, ideas, beliefs and stories when I can choose to quiet the mind, expand into my heart and experience what it is to bring love and peace into my life.

Your Honor: Hmmm, very interesting presentation. I’ll have to fill my mind up with thinking and ponder and come up with a decision whether you’re right or whether you are wrong.

Moi: Go ahead, Your Honor. In the meantime, I’m leaving my mind here and taking myself home to peace.

Your Honor:  This case is dismissed!

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Yours in Joy,