Do You Have Vision?

by Leslie Sann

A vision without action is a day dream. 
Action without vision is a nightmare.
~ Chinese Proverb

Here we are, in the midst of corona chaos and social unrest. Yay! We get to refresh the page and look at the future anew; if we choose. Where we are in the moment is where we begin. Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen up until now, regardless of the choices we made in the past, whatever occurred has brought us to this moment.

Now what? Now is where we begin. There is no such thing as a wrong turn as every step gets us to here.

The past is useful if we consider what unfolded as an opportunity to reflect, learn and use the information to either do more of what worked or less of what didn’t and experiment with new things.

Acceptance of what is here in this moment is key. Acceptance opens the door to cooperation, working with the situation as it is in this moment, co-creating with the resources available to us now.

Now that we have all been broken out of our routines with the safety-in-place guidelines, is a good time to ask yourself, in a year from now, “What do I want to be appreciating about my life that I created in 2020? What do I want to contribute to the world we are moving into?”

I love doing this with another … exploring possibilities together … jotting down some notes … making ideal scenes … inspiring vision and action. Neuroscience is rich with studies showing that having inspiring conversations motivates action to create possibility. MRI studies show that spending 30 minutes in a conversation about a person’s vision or dream, activates regions of the brain associated with imagining new things. Creativity is enhanced and motivation is engaged.

It has also been discovered that talking to someone, versus doing a writing exercise, more positively enhances neural activation of creative states. Writing the vision statement activates parts of the creative brain. But science is now telling us writing doesn’t activate the regions of the brain that are associated with opening to new possibilities. Speaking aloud does. I love that science is documenting what our gut already knows.I love that science is documenting what our gut already knows.

Our world is birthing itself into something next. We can take advantage of the current chaos and use the stirring up to take creative action and design something new. The more we can contribute to our greater well-being, the more useful we can be to serve the greater good as we feel called.

Do you have a current vision and a plan as we face our present circumstances? Perhaps you might consider joining the Calm Down Lift UP into Joy, Peace and Creativity 5-week workshop beginning Thursday, August 6. It is designed to celebrate the launch of my new book with the intention of serving you in navigating the changes that are happening. Calming Down and Lifting Up is useful right now.

We all benefit from community; creating spiritual family. Conscious community is of importance now more than ever.

Open yourself up to what you really want. The program will support you in stepping forward into your creative power to be the change you want to see in the world, starting with your own life.

If you don’t know where you want to go from here, clarifying your vision could be your intention for our time together.

Now is a fertile time to have inspiring conversations and receive support. Expanding into vision and possibility fuels action. Action translates dreams and goals into reality.

If you know you want in, please email me. Reach out if you want more info and to discover if this course is a fit for you.

Blessings and Joy,

P.S. Of course you are welcome to get started sooner with a private session. Talking feeds our vision and moves us into action.