Lions and Tigers and Bats — Oh No!

by Leslie Sann

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”
Groucho Marx

When I came down for coffee this morning. there was this dark brown thing in my sink. The brain is an amazing machine. It sees what it is familiar. At first I thought it was a browned outer leaf of a head lettuce but that did not match reality as I didn’t leave lettuce in my sink. Then I saw a foot and I imagined it was a frog, the biggest frog I have ever seen in the house for sure. And then the foot began to move, just a little and I realized it was a BAT and it was asleep in my sink.

I stayed calm and let my mind quiet and go still, and in the emptiness I received a plan for action. It was as if the top of my head opened up and in came an idea. I was inSpiRed.

The bat was resting on the wire tray I have at the bottom of the sink that protects the finish. I gently placed a dishcloth over the bat then even more gently picked the tray up with the gift wrapped bat and took it out the door that I had already opened.  Gently setting the tray down, I tipped it, removed the cloth and walked away … quickly.

Returning to my house I periodically looked out at the bat. It lay there for quite some time until one time I looked and it was gone.


So what’s the point?

One more moment indicating that I have changed my brain. Instead of panic, I quiet and listen for solutions to my problems. I am more easily becoming a resource of calm creativity.

I recently took a trip to Mexico. Upon arrival, the friend with whom I was staying came out to greet me and help me with my bags. She is kindness personified. Suddenly a breeze closed the door shut and we were both locked out and standing on the street.

It was Dia de los Locos (Parade of Crazies) which is the biggest fiesta of the year in that town. The street was filled with marching bands, people celebrating and men dressed women and visa versa, all having a jolly good time. And guess what? No one was home because they were all at the fiesta.

Having traveled 12 hours, I was standing in the street with my three bags and the sun beating on my tired body. I looked at my host with a calm and said, “We will figure it out.”

Inside of me the worst that would happen is we would walk up the street, find a hotel and in the morning find the city back to its usual state and figure out a way into the house. I knew we’d figure it out.

And none of that happened. My friend had her phone in her hand and after a few calls found someone to come open the door. A milagro (miracle). In less than 30 minutes we were inside and I was unpacking.

Life always does what it does, including surprise happenings like doors closing in the wind or bats asleep in the sink. The power move is acceptance with the follow up question, now what?

Not now what with an eye roll and a pout, but now what with enthusiasm and wonder.

Life is way more fun when you dance along with It messing with your plans.

Love and Blessings,