Light Be You

by Leslie Sann

You are the Light at the end of the tunnel. ~ Leslie Sann

What if you can’t see who you are —because you are it? No matter where you go, there you are. If you are someone who lights up the room, how would you know? Wherever you go, there you are and you bring the Light with you.

It is similar to how we can’t look into our own eyes without looking in a mirror. And yet in the mirror what we see is a reflection of what is real. How are we then to know ourselves, who we truly be?

What you do have is knowing. You can know the gift of you when you let go of all judgment of you, when you allow yourself to be. As you relax into being, you will become more aware of who you truly be.

Sounds like a Zen Koan.

What would it be like to no longer judge yourself? Can you image your world without judgment? Where judgements are no longer relevant to you? Are you willing to explore this possibility for yourself in this life?

To me this is heaven on earth — and I create it with my choices.

What about you?

I welcome you to partake in learning how to become free of judgement in your life. This is core to the work I do whether in 1:1 sessions or classes. even have a way you can put your toes in the water with a recording of a Zoom event, Lifting Up Beyond Judgement. 

Where would you like to spend the rest of your life? Living in the disturbance fostered by judgements, or Lifting Up and creating Heaven on Earth.

Your from Planet Joy,