Lifting Up Beyond Judgments

by Leslie Sann

I’m going dancin’!

Oh What Fun! … I’m goin’ dancin’ on Thursday!

Just sayin’ — ease and joy and — social dancing is an opportunity for me to lift up beyond the judging mind. My Crazy Brain loves to compare my abilities with those who are REALLY good. Methinks it is an attempt to keep me hidden on the sidelines when I want to play and dance and have fun. That’s what the mind can do. Keep us from showing up in life by judging and comparing.

I’m not buying into the mind’s blah blah blah. I’m going cuz I choose to have FUN!

🎈What if you could choose to no longer judge, yourself or anyone else?

🎈If so, what might be possible for you?

🎈What would you choose to be, to receive and to create?

🎈Are you ready to live into the joy, ease and gratitude that comes from living beyond judgment?

🎈Life is full of possibilities. Letting go of judging is one of them.

How does it get any better than that?

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Yours from Planet Joy,|