“Life Happens:
What Are YOU Going to Do About It

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Life Happens: What are YOU Going to Do About It? 

Life does what it does whether we like it or not. Something unexpected happening is a usual occurrence. From big things to little things, life doesn’t always go our way. Now what? You can empower yourself with your choices and actions. How you respond to life is the experience you get to live in.

When Life Does What It Does, Do Something Back. 

You can transform your life by how you relate to your circumstance. You are that powerful.  

      pastedGraphic.png What will you choose to do?
      pastedGraphic.png How will you choose to be?
      pastedGraphic.png What actions will you choose to take? 

This book is written for anyone who wants to be resourceful and empowered in the face of life’s everyday challenges; the big ones as well as the little ones; at work and at home. In this handbook, Leslie Sann shares powerful tools you can use to become resilient and creative when Life does what it does. These tools are practical and empowering and will help you shift from victim to victorious, assisting you to meet life on life’s terms and win. Leslie writes from her experience, sharing with you what she has learned from continuing to standing back up after life had knocked her down; stand tall while facing life’s challenges.

As you empower yourself with your choices and actions you may discover an inner joy that comes with using your creative energies to craft the life you want. Joyful people think differently, are more inventive, resilient, patient, generous optimistic and kind. They focus more on what IS working rather than what is not, fostering gratitude and even more joy, because what is uncovered is an experience that is good to live in. In the goodness there is joy. In the joy there is ease. In the ease there is power. Where there is power there is an ability to make a positive difference in your life.

Life Happens: Now What?

pastedGraphic.png   Proven methods   pastedGraphic.png   Easy to follow   pastedGraphic.png   Practical guidance   pastedGraphic.png

Winner in the category of Inspiration Body Mind Spirit Book Awards

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“Leslie Sann has laid out before us in this one colorful, readable book, the true power tools of an enlightened consciousness. I wish I’d had this book thirty years ago!” Steve Chandler, Author of Time Warrior

“Knowing Leslie as long as I do, I know that everything in this book has been tested through her experience. I’m certain that anyone dipping into these simple ideas and easily practiced skills will find their life joyfully enriched.” Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D, Co-author of Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology

As the founder of the Living by Design School, Leslie Sann, DSS, has guided thousands of people in adopting a practical spiritual approach to living, while creating a life they love. For more than 35 years, her career has been rich with helping people transform their lives by learning to live in joy regardless of circumstances, guiding them to live by design rather than by default.

Leslie has also authored the book, Calm Down Lift Up Into Joy, Peace and Creativity

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