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Your Success IS My Joy

Your success IS my joy. I’m just like that. When you go UP, I go UP. It’s nourishing food for me. Maybe that’s why my dad called me weird when I was a kid. I like seeing other people win and be happy.

I have devoted most of my professional life, since 1986, helping people create a joyful life, personally, professionally and in their relationships, guiding them to live by design rather than by default. Well, even more than that. Live in joy regardless of circumstances.

When I first went into coaching I called myself a joyologist. That was decades before the happiness movement. Why? Because joy is nourishing, always present and can be used as a guiding mechanism in creating a life we love.

At that time I was very involved with an educational firm that facilitated transformational personal growth. I was helping facilitate trainings and build community. It was a pivotal time in my life. I was learning I had a choice. I could live from victim consciousness or I could learn to live victoriously. That was a good thing to discover for I was at the end of a marriage and my life was falling apart. Well, not really falling apart. It was breaking open so something better could emerge.

That better was realizing there is a joyful world of co-creation called my life. I recognized I am the artist and my life is my creation. At least my co-creation, for I see myself as collaborating with Life ITself.

It was a very rich and fertile unfolding, one which set me on the path of the career I have loved for these past three decades. I teach what I have learned works, for me, and the thousands of clients I have served. 

Please know, I’m not doing the work, it is being done through me. I consider myself a well-developed and highly tuned instrument. I listen with the ears of a detective and the heart of a friend. After more than 30 years of serving people change their lives I’m aware that sitting in the presence of someone who sees into the core of us and helps us awaken into presence is a sacred blessing. This presence is what holds our sessions and makes our work transcendent.

It is my ability to see in my client that which they cannot see or have not yet claimed in themselves that I offer you. We all have clutter from the conditioning of our minds that gets in the way of experiencing the gift of ourselves. We are each more beautiful, more gifted, more powerful, more precious than my guess is any of us knows ourselves to be. 

My job is to make myself available to my inner wisdom, which is in touch with the wisdom in you. Together we collaborate in guiding you forward in your life. I meet you as you are. I help you lift into your highest and best self. From there we do the work that transforms your life for the good, the kind of change that makes a positive difference and results in a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

It’s near impossible to speak about these experiences. I can share with you what clients have said. They say I deliver life changing perceptive insights that are practical, useful and actionable, serving them expanding in ways that are creative and empowered. I’ve been called a catalyst for awakening. People have said just being with me in a space of acceptance has changed them profoundly.

In truth, what matters is you. What do you want to experience more of in your life? Might I be someone who can help you create that?

I’ve posted some testimonials below. After more than 30 years of serving people learn and grow, there are way more than you probably want to read. And if you do want to read more, write to me. I’m happy to send you the pile.

Below the testimonials are the ‘facts’ of my training and experience.

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If you are willing to make the investment, you CAN have what you want. As far as I’m concerned, and it is just how I’m wired, investing in learning how to live in joy regardless of circumstances is the best investment I’ve ever made.

Most of my clients work with me via phone or video conferencing. 

Please reach out.

What People Are Saying:


Leslie’s work as a coach is quite powerful. She has found the sweet spot of merging her authentic spiritual wisdom with her many decades as a practicing psychotherapist, mentor, coach, workshop leader and speaker, all infused with her very pragmatic and joyful view of living and actualizing our dreams.

Rick Kantor

Creative Catalyst, Public Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Adjunct Professor at Drexel University

Every time I get off the phone with you I feel more aligned. My head is higher, my spine more erect, I feel calm and I have greater clarity about my next steps moving forward in my life.

Leslie Adamski

No one teaches the personal factor of honoring, celebrating and acknowledging who you are like Leslie does. This profound shift in perception has changed me to the core. Leslie has been instrumental in helping me embrace my own power. In our work together, she taught me the value of being conscious of my choices and how they can nurture the essence of the life I want. It is from that place of awareness that I have grown so much more comfortable in acknowledging and choosing what brings me happiness and joy. Leslie’s philosophy of living by design, on purpose, and authentically as myself has empowered me in ways that continually amaze me, including to the expansion of my business into something I have always imagined.

Lynda Otte

CEO, LMO Solutions

I wrote a book because you and I talked. I got a multi-six figure job, more money than I had ever earned before, because you and I talked. You have been an invaluable support to me helping me make hard concrete changes.

You are a straight shooter. I can count on your honesty … you don’t baby me. You show me what I can’t see and need to know. I want to hear it because it shows me where I’m blind. When I can see what I need to learn I can do what it takes to change.

Amy Farber

Author, Trader

Instead of living in fear, anxiety and push I find my life is more an exploration, an experiment, a creative unfoldment. I am more calm.

As an example I am facing a situation with my mom’s health. Last time we went through something like this I was a wreck, future thinking, trying to create a solution for something that had not occurred. This time I am with what is and trusting all will unfold and I will figure it out when the time comes. Until then, there is nothing for me to do. I don’t have to get upset before it happens.

I’m more detached. Watching the show. Yes there is a level of drama. And I don’t have to get dramatic about the drama. I can watch the show and take action when its mine to take. I am confident in my ability to face life challenges and present to see different possibilities.

The same is occurring at work. I find I am present to the person/situation and a better listener/coach. My focus allows me to be open to possibilities/ creative solutions. The result is that I am more effective.

Lisa Pilney

Director of Human Resources, ITW

Working with Leslie is inspiring and motivating. She helps me see the things I cannot see I in front of me. She opens doors so I can walk through and take the action necessary to create what I want. Because of my time with her I have healed much of my past and am now living in a happy relationship, one I am allowing myself to enjoy, finally. I am also thriving at work, confident in my skills, giving my best, secure, not in the job, but in myself, because I now realize I’m the kind of person who is resourceful and creative and I will find a way to make my life work no matter what. Leslie helped me see this about me. My life is so much better because know this to be true.

Tom C.

Executive Producer, Advertising

I have been working with Leslie on stepping into the power of my presence specifically in the domain of work. I recently showed up in a new way with a prospect. I said what I knew to be true, supported by the wisdom gained from 28 years of experience in my field. I was okay if the prospect decided not to work with me. I knew I was serving her by telling her what I knew to be true. If she wasn’t going to let me do my job and represent her as best I knew how it would be better for us both for her not to hire me.

This was huge for me, for in the past I would collapse into people pleasing and things would get messy. It felt so good to stand in my integrity with who I am and what I know.  I am grateful to be experiencing a new level of personal freedom and personal leadership.

My whole life has upshifted. Standing up and showing up authentically is spilling over to other areas of my life as well. Overall I am living a better quality of life.

Jennifer Leonard-Comperda

Real Estate Agent, Baird & Warner

I am amazed at how Leslie is way ahead of the way most people approach the change process. I have been using techniques and tools she gave me years ago that are just now being talked about as innovative and cutting edge. I have transformed so much within myself that I brought Leslie in to work with my staff teaching them to be more accountable to themselves and each other as a Highly Effective Team. So far, the work my staff has done with her is reaping good results.

Eileen Sutz

Business Owner, Allstate Insurance

In the very first session I had with Leslie she had me explore what it was I was committed to. With her gentle guidance I discovered I was committed to misery! Wow, that blew my mind. And based on results it was true. She then asked me what it is I really wanted. My answer: to live in joy. That was a life changing moment for me. Here it is years later and I am living a life I love, in beautiful country, with a wife I adore, doing work that nourishes me.

Per Flood

Writer and Social Enviornmentalist

Leslie kept me focused, keeping me positive in the place of uncertainty.  She kept me on track, helping me face what needed to be handled so I didn’t fall into the trap of my own fears and negativity. I found her support to be invaluable in a difficult time, and her skills helped me stay open to creating what I really want.

Karen Corrigan

Executive VP Sales

Let Me Know What I Can Do For You

I have worked with thousands of people and have coached CEOs, doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, directors, actors, photographers, consultants, executives, CPAs, business owners, creatives, nurses, students, teachers, moms, dads, and more. One thing is common with every person I have coached … they choose to be empowered in their life and have a strong desire to grow past mediocrity and give from the gift of who they are, making a positive difference in their world.

If you are called to discover what kind of practical magic we can bring into your life, magic that turns dreams into reality, sorrows into joy, difficulties into blessings, I welcome the opportunity to sit with you in an exploratory conversation.

You and me transforming your life together.

Just the facts ma’am:

I am a certified ontological coach through New Field. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, a five-year program, from the University of Santa Monica, with an emphasis in Spiritual Psychology. I also have a Master’s of Theology in Practical Spirituality from Peace Theological Seminary. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University.

In addition to ongoing professional training, I have completed two intensive training programs in the art of coaching. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, LCPC, though I no longer practice in the world of therapy.

Over the course of my career I have studied with numerous people, such as, John-Roger, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Steve Chandler, Gay and Katie Hendricks, John Gottman, David Allen, Julio Olalla, Raphael Echeverria, Michele Weiner-Davis, Eli-Jaxon Bear, Bertrand Babinet, Klaus Boettcher, Gangaji, Jean Houston, David Elliot, Ben Dean, Tony Robbins and many more. I have also participated in Insight Transformational Seminars, Mentor Coaching, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence, Spirit Focused Leadership, Hoffman Quadrinity Process, Peace Theological Seminary, studied Hypnosis, the Enneagram, NLP and . . .

Life is rich with learning, growth and expansion.

. . .

If you are ever wondering what Leslie is up to, you can guess I am investing in creating better habits to support my life in flourishing, while doing my best to stay present to the blessings here now. What about you?