Leadership Seminars
Empowered people recognize individual responsibility as the key to team and company success. Empowerment supports innovation, creative outcomes and greater overall organizational productivity. These are samples of what can be created. Programs are designed to match client needs and desired outcomes.
Seminars are delivered in a fun, experiential and engaging manner. All seminars are activity based and inspire participants to higher levels of engagement, effectiveness and excellence.

In addition to the topics below, Leslie can design a program to fit your specific needs.

Creative Outcomes


One of the biggest sources of unresolved conflict is people aren’t listening to each other. As Will Rogers said: “Congress is so strange, someone stands up to speak, nobody listens and then everybody disagrees.” Positive outcomes begin to unfold when we learn to listen, really listen. Creativity is provoked, collaboration inspired, solutions discovered. Most of us know it would serve to be a better listener. We get better at something with practice. This course will give you grounded, practical skills to support you in becoming a better listener.


My approach to team is to create a vital, active process moving people toward a shared vision of what is possible and facilitating grounded action in turning possibilities into reality. It is amazing how the corporate environment can change after just one day of learning together. Partnerships are fostered, allies are created, relationships are strengthened, strategies created with a commitment to action.


Life is relationship. Business is relationship. Success in life and in business occurs when relationships are successful. Many problems at work can be distilled down to miscommunications, unclear agreements, and blame, blame and more blame.
This seminar draws on Leslie’s more than 35 years of experiences helping people lose the blame and instead create successful relationships. This seminar is a practical, fundamental course in learning to improve any relationship.


Fostering an environment that empowers people leads to greater levels of creativity and collaboration. Problems take the backseat to possibilities. Instead of being fascinated with problems and how they got that way, learn to be a lover of asking and discovering what else is possible. This workshop teaches strategies for change in order to trigger immediate improvements in both work and personal relationships.


Leslie Sann manages to use her gently delivered relationship insights and methods to transform a group of business associates back into human beings. What a difference that has made in our everyday interactions at Suite Partners. She taught us to lead with our hearts and think about not only the other person but our part in each and every situation. Every company should spend some time learning from Leslie.

Judy Faulkner Krause
Creative Director, Suite the LiveLab® Company, Chicago

Leslie Sann is a gifted coach on human effectiveness within personal and professional relationships. She helps people learn to accept full responsibility for the outcomes they achieve. She operates with a firm hand but a gentle touch. We have engaged Leslie to work with our staff on various occasions and have always found it highly valuable.

Barry Krause
Founder, CEO, Suite, the LiveLab® Company, Chicago

Thank you for the work you have done with my division to help us realize the improvement in effectiveness expected from a recent reorganization. Our new people have become productive within very short time frames. Clearly, the synergy we currently enjoy in my division was greatly facilitated by the sessions you conducted. I would recommend your services to any group that needs to develop a common vision, a unity of purpose, so as to realize the full potential of their organization.

Al Frazer

AT&T RAM Director

I want to thank you for the great visioning and strategy sessions you did with me and my staff. The work you did was instrumental in pulling us together at a level of cooperation that was unknown to us before. People are stepping up, taking responsibility and following through. We’re in a good place. I am very grateful. You made a huge contribution. I am looking forward to having you back for further team building.

Barb Warren
CEO, Owner Tile Gallery

It is clear how what you gave to us is a clear foundation for productivity and enjoyable relationships, both personally and professionally. It is on this foundation that success is built, and your contribution has contributed to our continued success.

Anita Jacobs

Director of Human Resources, Friedman, Eisenstein, Raemer and Schwartz