Leadership Coaching

Take authority over your life, personally
and professionally

Grow into More of the Best of You


Even if you work for somebody else YOU are in charge of the outcomes you create. 


It is your life, the only life you get. Learn to guide yourself to the life you want to live both personally and professionally.


Are you choosing to contribute the best of you, and empower others to do the same?


Are you committed to your growth? There’s no such thing as right or wrong, only opportunities to learn and grow. There are always missed opportunities, always missteps. Such is the nature of life bringing us to awareness of new choices and next actions. Are you engaged in the process of learning, into growing into next? 

Leadership Coaching

Get support in moving to higher levels of achievement and gaining greater personal and professional fulfillment. This distinctive heart-centered approach is both powerful and effective in fostering engagement, expansion and alignment with the company’s objectives.

Personal coaching is targeted at individuals throughout the organization and is focused on growing their talents and skills.

  • Learn the creative skills of making things happen
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop your ability to make and keep agreements
  • Enhance collaboration and cooperation with co-workers
  • Learning how to implement win/win solutions in the workplace
  • Create fulfillment personally and professionally

We begin one-on-one sessions with an assessment of the individual relative to the organization, and then design a program to develop their abilities.

Sessions are tailored to the schedule and requirements of your executives and managers conducted weekly over the phone. 

With a commitment to grow, there will be an evident and long-lasting shift for the people involved.

for your

  • Improved overall effectiveness
  • Communication skills developed
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Increased ability to manage innovation and change
  • More satisfied and productive individuals, groups and teams
  • Create powerful and enduring results for participant, organization and family
  • Understanding of personal strengths and opportunities for improvement in the context of the organization
  • Better ability to work within teams utilizing the strengths of the whole
  • Key barriers to success identified and solutions developed with an action plan
  • Breakthroughs in interpersonal relationships
  • Empowered people enjoying the contribution they make and appreciating the contribution of others

Working with Leslie has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have always been relatively positive and resilient, but a number of events had compromised my belief in myself. Through a year of conversation and work, I have learned to trust myself in new and profound ways, have the strength to move forward with positivity, and have the tools to work through uncertainty. Leslie won’t give you a single prescription to success or health, but will work with you to find and strengthen the tools you have in yourself to get where you want to be.

Tai Kojro-Badziak, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

Owner, CEO, Room Ten Design

Leslie is astute, down to earth and cuts through the b.s. with gentle intelligence.

Jack Lyons

CEO, Lyons Solutions, LLC

I am amazed at how Leslie is way ahead of the way most people approach the change process. I have been using techniques and tools she gave me years ago that are just now being talked about as innovative and cutting edge. I have transformed so much within myself that I brought Leslie in to work with my staff teaching them to be more accountable to themselves and each other as a Highly Effective Team. So far, the work my staff with her is reaping good results.

Eileen Sutz

Business Owner, Allstate Insurance

I leave every session with clarity, focus, direction, all in service to designing what I want to happen. She gets me in action. I have learned how to support myself, while designing my life so I do what I want. She assists me quiet the noise in my head so I can hear my true heart. Thus I’m living a more authentic empowered and happy life. Since working with Leslie I love my life even more. Additionally she guides me towards living in greater happiness and joy while I’m engaging in the creative process. Since working with Leslie I’ve achieved a better position, I make more money, and I finished my novel. How amazing is that?

Amy Farber

Trader, Author

Leslie not only helps me see the Big Picture, but she is gifted in assisting me in designing a plan so I can make what I want happen. I am amazed at the successes I have experienced since we began our work.

Theresa Gnutek

VP, TGH Solutions

I have accomplished many of my goals working with Leslie (I just received another raise), and I am excited by the new goals I have made and my motivation to make them happen.

Kathy Kane

Exectutive Producer