Just Because Kindness

by Leslie Sann

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.  ~ The Daili Lama

I’m on my way to NY. Well, I’m getting on the plane. As I’m walking to my seat I see a zaftig (full, round) woman with her baby asleep on her chest. They are in the seat directly in front of me. With gratitude I remember having my earplugs in my bag.

Mom and child are as one. Unlike another young mom who was standing in front of me in the security line who wanted everyone to see her — to see her baby — that she was a mom— look at me — look at my baby — sucking everyone’s attention. She actually thrust her baby into my face forcing me and the 6-month-old to greet each other. In contrast, this mom, already tucked in on the plane, is loving made manifest in the form of mother with child. She is magnificent. She could care less if anyone notices her, yet she is quietly radiating a joyful contentment.

During the trip I was amazed at how quiet her baby had been. He hardly fussed even as we were landing. When it was time to stand up, I look over the seats. I saw her attempting to pack up while holding her baby, her stuff strewn all over the seats.

I ask her if I could help — thinking I’d help her gather her things. 

She says thank you — and gives me her baby. 

Oh, okay — I’ll do that. 

I take him in my arms. He looks at me and fusses for a moment having been displaced from his mother. Then something shifts. He realizes that I’m safe. Putting his head in the pocket of my shoulder he nestles in.

It is a precious moment for me. I welcome his sweetness. I am grateful to be a place of peace for him.

The mom says, “You must have done this before.” I smile in agreement. Yes, I have helped people before.

While I’m holding the baby, a man comes from further back in the plane and asks if he can help. I think he is talking to her, but no, he is addressing me. He is asking if he can help me.

I say yes, thank you. I’d appreciate you taking down my bag. Which he does. He then waits for the woman to finish packing up so I can return the child. He then insists on carrying my bag off the plane — with a big smile on his face!

Kindness begetting kindness begetting kindness. 

It is a magnificent world we live in — when we choose to live in kindness.

If you want to see God in action look to kindness.

Blessings and Peace,