It Doesn’t Matter

by Leslie Sann

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.
~ John C. Maxwell

There are all sorts of reasons flying around for the experience we are having. A TED talk suggested that the more we encroach on the animal kingdom, the more likely we will have more of this kind of outbreak. An interesting point of view.

I’ve also heard that there is some force of evil attempting to cull the population by intentionally doing harm. Another point of view.

Then there is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This is coupled with the ending of the Iron Age as we enter the Golden Age. This is the process of a birthing as we evolve into something new. Something even better.

I am guessing you have heard other stories suggesting the cause of the experience we are having.

I do not know the “why” of this event. I have learned over the years, that searching for a “why” is a way I distract myself. It buffers the experience of uncertainty and the awareness that I am not in control. It is an attempt to control what I cannot control. I cannot control reality with my thinking.

Even if I figured out the “reason,” how would that serve me? I am still facing “what is.” Whatever the reason for the experience we are having — well — it doesn’t matter.

When I find myself scurrying into the future trying to figure out what to do, I repeat to myself what Socrates said, “I am wise because I know I do not know.” In doing so, I find myself quieting down and listening for the wisdom in the not knowing. I stop pretending I know what I do not know. The mind stops judging and the door to wisdom opens.

We all have access to wisdom. Wisdom comes from a quiet peace that is always present and available to us. Learning to listen to the quiet within, instead of the frantic Crazy Brain, is an investment I encourage.

We, as humans, are gifted with imagination, the source of our creativity. We are the only animals that reference experiences from the past and project them into the future. We then embellish, tweak and create something new. This is a gift that has served us in inventing our current physical reality. It’s why we have marvels that didn’t exist even a hundred years ago.

What matters is, “Now what?”

Life is happening. What are we going to do about it? We have the ability to make choices as to how we are going to respond to the situation. “Now what?” is a powerful question. It shifts us UP into creative wonder. From here we can be resourceful with what we have on hand.

Our creativity makes us resilient. Engaging with our circumstances and designing movement forward.

This is taking care of ourselves.

What if this is a For Us, as in ALL of us, situation? It is a moment of time in the journey of a lifetime. We will not stay here. Life is constantly changing.

You’ve been through bad times before. So have I. We are still here. History shows that in a time of chaos, good things emerge. People jump in to help each other. New processes get invented.

Where do you want to place your focus? The world is coming to an end? Or, the world is in the turmoil of transforming into something even better?

Consider this: Where you place your focus is what you will move towards. What you hold in your mind is the experience you get to live in.

Some Good News Headlines:

  • Ford Partners with GE, 3M to Begin Manufacturing Protective Equipment, Ventilators
  • People Are Now Stocking Little Free Libraries With Toilet Paper and Food for Neighbors in Need
  • Chinese Company Ships Crates of Masks to Italy Covered in Italian Poetry: We Are ‘Leaves of the Same Tree’
  • Across Canada, Scaremongering Becomes ‘Caremongering’ as Citizens Help Each Other In Challenging Times
  • TV Medical Dramas Are Donating All Their Gowns, Gloves, and Masks to Real Hospitals Fighting COVID-19
  • Corner Store Owner Gives Away More Than $6,000 in Free Goods to Seniors Preparing for Quarantines
  • Quarantined Italians Sing from Balconies to Lift Spirits
  • Maps show drastic drop in China’s air pollution after coronavirus quarantine
  • Share some good news with me… or some humor. Laughing is good for your immune system.

Let’s go UP as we find our way through this together.