by Leslie Sann

The flute player puts breath into a flute,
and who makes the music?
Not the flute.
The flute player!
~ Rumi

If you are like most people, there are times when you feel like you don’t fit in. Perhaps the drive to fit in has controlled you for most of your life? For many of us it does. It comes from the human survival need to be part of the tribe, to belong, for if we don’t, we may be an outcast and cast out. If you were a caveman or cavewoman, it is unlikely that you would survive on your own.

I have found that there is an opportunity to shift from being driven to fit in to contributing. Let’s look at it this way: The word HU-MAN can be etymologically broken down as such: HU is an ancient Sanskrit word that means God. MAN comes from the Latin, manus and is translated to mean hand. Therefore we each are the hand of God.

Here are some wonder questions for you. Allow yourself to ask the question and open to receive. Stop the mind for looking for an answer. Let yourself ponder without having to know. Just be in openness and curiosity.

  • What if there is something in us beyond the human survival drive to belong?
  • What if you are a conduit between heaven and earth, spirit and the world, the divine and the material?
  • What if we recognize that once the package we come in is taken care of, the true purpose in our lives is to live to contribute?
  • What if you have been configured in a way that is like no other conduit, no other HU-MAN, no other instrument for heaven’s blessing onto the planet?
  • What if instead of complaining about life and how it is unfolding, you engaged with life from the wonder question, “What is it I am to give into this moment?”

Even more to contemplate:

What if choosing for yourself is choosing for the Highest Good of All, creating greater for everyone with every choice you make? What if choosing more for yourself you creates more for everyone?

What if recognizing that you are a gift creates a life of gratitude and joy? A good life? If so, what could be possible for you?​​​​​

What if now is the time for you to create a life of ease, joy and even greater than that?

Live into possibility beyond what you can imagine and join me when the next Calm Down Lift Up into Possibility course begins again, Thursday, June 3.

Blessings and Love,