We will explore inner peace and the power of loving to heal. Learn to use the heart’s energy to heal memories and empower yourself and in your relationships. 

This will also be an open forum where you can bring your issues and concerns and share your experiences of love and transformation.

We can live in joy and peace regardless of circumstances and learn to meet life’s challenges from the inside out. This workshop is designed to assist you in accessing the power of Spirit to reach higher levels of self-expression. This is an opportunity to move beyond limitations and embrace a greater you. 

Increase your repertoire of practical spiritual tools that contribute to your upliftment, personal effectiveness, and the greater good of all concerned. Grow beyond the limitations of the mind, body, and emotions, and embrace your soul’s divine power.

We welcome you.

We Gather on Zoom

This five-week open forum will meet on Zoom, every other week, exploring challenges and opportunities on any level. We will begin with an introductory topic followed by an open discussion. During this time, there will be many occasions for engagement with us. You could also send us your questions beforehand.

Let us assist you in moving from contraction to expansion, embracing everything as a process of upliftment, learning, and growth as you learn to utilize the energetics of the heart to resolve past traumatic memories, to promote health and healing in our bodies and our relationships, and to enhance our personal effectiveness.”

All topics are welcome: health, relationships, family, career, service, creativity, self-expression, spiritual development, abundance, and financial success.

  You can catch up if you miss a session, as each class will be recorded.
How does it get any better than that?

Bertrand Babinet has been assisting his clients to gain optimal health and well-being for over 40 years. His approach examines the physical, psychological, and spiritual foundations of health. “I am designed to serve. As service is the highest form of expression on the planet, this offer is a blessing of my ministry.” ~ Bertrand

Leslie Sann has been called a catalyst for awakening. For over 35 years, she has been delivering practical and actionable life-changing, perceptive insights, assisting her clients in expanding in creative and empowering ways while facing continuously changing conditions with creativity and grace. “It is a joy to contribute to the blessing of lifting each other. When you go up, we all go up.” ~Leslie

Enrollment for this event is now open.


Investment in You: $295


Begins Thursday, February 16

Dates: February 16, March 2, 16, 30, April 13

7 pm CT – 8:30*pm CT
(8 pm ET, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT)
*ending times approximate
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Limited enrollment

All calls are recorded and available to program attendees.

 Please send an email to Leslie Sann at
if you register with Zelle so I can get you into Zoom.

There is an $10 surcharge for the use of PayPal.

Due to the nature of the event there 
are no refunds or transfers.

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I love how you, Leslie, and Bertrand, show respect for one another and allow space for each other to contribute. You both have an extraordinary amount of education, experience, and study— and that comes through. You each inspire me in different ways for me to be me.

The course itself was wonderful. I enjoyed the open forum. No matter who was speaking, I found the conversation applicable to my circumstances. I also appreciated how our questions contributed to the creation of the class.

Kim Rager

Who wouldn’t want to be bathed in the good energy that Leslie and Bertrand create? They are a constant demonstration of loving, they are full of encouragement and take a personal interest in all. 

Diane Longo

It was a delight to spend time with Leslie and Bertrand in the class From Restriction to Expansion. Bertrand and Leslie create a safe, loving, and nurturing space and work together well. I got tremendous value from not only listening to others but also sharing some challenges that I was experiencing. I gained greater awareness and self-acceptance. I don’t need to change a thing about myself.

Rona Foster

My experience of the From Restriction to Expansion class facilitated by Bertrand Babinet and Leslie Sann is one of gratitude for the opportunity to expand more fully into the essence of Spirit. My intention in the class was to expand into the peace that surpasses cognitive understanding. My intention was met by Spirit in my participation in the class.

It was a blessing to listen to and share with fellow participants and to partake of the wisdom of Bertrand, Leslie, and fellow participants. This is a class worth taking!

Mary Ellen Agolia

I have much gratitude for this class. Perhaps it is my age, although it feels like an always wondering and quest: What is Being? Not to accomplish—do correct—but to appreciate Being. I am experiencing delight and peace, and connection in this practice. Thank you.

Rebecca Bloomfield

The From Restriction to Expansion program opened me to the possibility of gentleness, vulnerability, and softness. Being in a place of receptivity, operating in the unknown, and being brought back to inner peace.

Jennifer Leonard-Comperda

Thank you both for your program. It was wonderful for me, calming and peaceful. I love where I am in my expansion.Bless us all.