Happy for Happy

by Leslie Sann

Joy is God’s calling card and laughter is God’s voice. ~Unknown (at least to me:-)

​​​I’m happy. And I’m happy that I am happy. And then you know what happens, I’m happy that I’m happy that I’m happy and on it goes until I realize how grateful I am for my happy. Then I fall into gratitude for the fact that I’m a person who is grateful. And then I find my heart singing with JOY for my gratitude and my joy becomes the background noise of my life.

EVEN when something happens.

I opened my email and there was an unexpected request that knocked me off balance. I found my stomach rolling and a deep anxiety arising in me. The email made an unclear request and how I am to respond was uncertain to me. In the face of the unknown fear was triggered.

In bed that night I found myself rolling around in the disturbance and I fell into it completely. Holding myself close with my loving attention I reminded myself that life is FOR me and this too is an opportunity and a gift, even if I don’t know what it might be. I COULD choose to be grateful for my current discomfort. And so I was. As I sat in the energy of gratitude possibilities revealed themselves and I could see the positive potential of the situation, I was calmed and able to fall asleep.

Gratitude is the great transformer. Even in the midst of adversity, even if what is going on is not what we want to be experiencing, we can trust our ability to meet every challenge with resilience, courage and strength when we choose an attitude of gratitude.

Then you, like me, can be grateful that you are a person who chooses gratitude, which might expand you back into your happy and you might find you are living in JOY no matter what.

At least that has been my experience. What about you?

Blessings and Peace,