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Life Happens: What Are YOU Going to Do About It?

Learn the art of successful living. Learn to live sourced from Joy regardless of circumstances. Winner in the category of Inspiration Body Mind Spirit Book Awards. Available in paperback or on Kindle at Amazon

WINners Journal

You WIN every day. Write it down! Discover for yourself how powerful choosing WINs can be. You will change your LIFE! This eBook is a gift when you ask to join my closed FaceBook page The WINners Circle.

BreathWork Meditation Audio:

Breathe into Peace includes two meditation tracks. One is about 15 minutes long, short enough to fit into a busy day and long enough to be effective. The second track is about 30 minutes supporting you in going deep into peace. For those of you who haven’t yet participated in either a group mediation or a private session with me, here is your chance to have an amazing breathing experience. MP3 or CD versions.

MP3 audio: $20
CD audio: $24 includes shipping and handling

BreathWork Resources: 

A variety of TED talks, scientific studies and books to help you develop a deeper understanding of the power of the breath. Click here for BreathWork Resources

Brain Noogles

49 cards with sayings to support you in lifting up into your intelligence and wisdom.
card size2.75″ x 1.1” bag color varies
$18 + $4 shipping 

Living by Design Online

Online learning programs.

Evergreen meaning they are always available to you.

Learn at your own pace.

CalmDownLiftUP Into Joy Creativity and Abundance: 

Gift Offerings — Earth Friendly

Living by Design Blog eZine Subscription.
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Recorded Live Video Presentation at the Theosophical Society 

The Power of Forgiveness  —   Discover how the art of forgiveness begins with forgiving ourselves. Learn practical tools so you can live in your greatest well-being.
Handout for The Power of Forgiveness   — handout that goes with the above presentation
Choosing Joyful Living  — Discover what people who live in joy have in common. Learn simple tools to help shift from constricted states of unhappiness to the expanded state of joy.
Handout Go Joy Yourself  — handout that goes with the above presentation

Recorded Live MP3 Audio Presentations — Yours for the Listening

Life Happens: Now What?  — Freedom through Living by Design — interview

Join Up Dots Interview with David Ralph — Life Happens Half Way Up a Pole

Are You Willing to Live by Design?

The Art of Spiritual Resilience  — audio + workbook

Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Forgiveness is Loving (vintage)

Restoring Trust in Relationships