Giving from Abundance?

by Leslie Sann

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. ~ Charles Dickens

I did it again. I donated blood. I’ve been giving every 2 months since I became a regular donor in 2017 after the Houston and Florida hurricanes. There was a cry to donate to the American Cross which made me realize in addition to money I could give blood.
I found out less than 38% of us are eligible to donate. That makes me even more grateful that I am somebody who can give in this way. I am also in awe. My body can truly care for another person. Literally giving what I make to another so they can live. It is kinda amazing if you think about it.
A few more hopefully motivating statistics:
  • 1 donation can potentially save up to three lives
  • Every two-seconds someone in the US needs blood. It is essential for surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries.
  • Out of the not quite 38% of the population eligible to give blood only about 3% donate blood yearly.
  • IF you have O negative blood you are a universal donor. Everyone can be given your blood.
Are you one of the 38% who can? And if so, are you willing to give? It only takes a half an hour. You can do it every 56 days. It’s easy, if you live near a blood bank like I do.
If you are one of the 62% what else could you give? Imagine, a world where we gave into the good of the all from the harvest from our abundance? In doing so we create a cycle of abundance, spiraling up, Up, UP. Giving to give. Then receiving the satisfaction of giving. Then giving some more, cycling onward and upward towards infinity!
We have so much to give.
This week we celebrated what I call Freedom Day, July 4. It’s an opportunity to pause and reflect on how blessed we are. I know regardless of whatever circumstances you find yourself, my guess is there are blessings in your midsts.
But only if you look.
Please look.
Where are you blessed? Perhaps you are not eligible to donate blood. Maybe for you it is your sense of humor, patience or kindness. Or maybe you bake a great chocolate pear torte (recipe please).
How can you extend your blessings out into your world?
Send me a note.
I will celebrate you.