For Giving a Lift

by Leslie Sann

Choosing is my religion.
~ Lisa Pilney

We forgive ourselves when we give ourselves a lift. Shifting up out of the misery making mechanism of the mind which is full of right-wrong-good-bad thinking, rules, judgments, putting people and things in boxes, limiting points of views, opinions, shoulds-should nots.

Shall I go on?

Not a pretty place at all.

We all carry a prison with us wherever we go. We can choose to live in the confinement of our opinionated mind, or we can choose to open the door and give ourselves the freedom of choice and possibility.

We can choose to be forgiving.

For giving ourselves a Lift Up into something greater than the mind.

Instead of arguing with reality and fighting our circumstances and the people in it we can choose to look for the blessings. We can choose to look for how is the situation contributing to me? How can I contribute to it?

Perhaps you are like me. When I’m upset, I miss out on a lot of goodness in life. Years ago, I remember observing myself in the midst of an internal stink storm while hiking in beautiful country. The day was lovely, yet I wasn’t having any of it. I was so internally upset that I could have been in a dungeon or solitary confinement. Something had happened and I was upset, ruining my life in my head. The contrast between the beauty of the nature walk and the ugly of my mind was profound. I was a prisoner to my thinking. At that time, I just didn’t know what to do about it. It was like quicksand, sucking me into even more darkness and despair.

Maybe you have had a moment (or even two) like that. It is hell. I call it running around the Hamster Wheel of Hades, and there is no way off the wheel unless you know how to shift up into a higher consciousness — a place where there are no rules, no judgments, no shoulds or should nots, no right or wrong thinking. A place where life just is what it is, and we are engaging with it as it is.

We Lift Up through the process of choosing to be for giving. For contributing. For discovering greater possibility than what we see before us. For choosing.

We can ask questions. Questions open us to something more than our current experience. They Calm us Down and Lift us Up to our creative intelligence and spiritual wisdom.

Simple questions such as these are powerful:

• Now what?
• What else is possible?
• How does it get better than this?
• How is this contributing to me?
• What can I open to receive?
• What is the gift not yet revealed?

Reactor or creator? Victim or victorious? Which do you choose to be?

Are you willing to be for giving yourself a beautiful life through your choices and your actions?

Yours from Planet Joy,