Fit In or Lift Up?

by Leslie Sann

You must give some time to your fellow men. Even it if it is a little thing, do something for others – something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.
~ Albert Schweitzer

In my life I have had the experience of trying to fit in. I come from a family that loved to call me weird and it caused me to wonder what was ‘wrong’ with me that I wasn’t like them. Not the best question … as ‘wrong’ isn’t a great word to enter into the search engine of the brain … for I have learned over time, ask the brain a question and it will come up with data skewed in a way to support the search inquiry.

Over the years I have come to learn a better, more empowered question, “What is the difference in me that is a contribution?” or “What is the gift of me I am here to give?”

Ahh, that opens up so much possibility and joy! Way better.

Perhaps we didn’t come here to fit in, to be like everyone else. What if our mission is not to fit, but to contribute our uniqueness to LIFT up what is around us by choosing the positive over the negative, by giving the gift of us, the uniqueness of the package we come in and what we are here to offer into our world.

This is our freedom. This is our choice. Our freedom is in our choices. What do you choose … to fit in or to lift up? One is contraction the other is expansion. 

The attempt to fit in is a negative action of self-diminishment for you are greater than what you see. Instead offer … give of the best of you … serve positive growth by making a contribution sourced from the gift of you, thus lifting yourself and your situation and circumstances into something greater in service to the best in All.

Way to GO!

Blessings and Peace,