Experimenting with Life

By Leslie Sann

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.
 ~ Raplh Waldo Emerson

We all know life happens. It unfolds as it does rather than the way we expect. It helps to have tools in your back pocket to win in the face of challenges life throws your way, tools that support you in tapping into your intrinsic power.

Power comes from the French word: pouvoir, which means ‘to be able.’ When we have ability, we have power.

We have the ability to choose and to take action.

When we take action, we create an experience. Experience brings awareness. Awareness brings expansion, creating a fuller, richer life.

We can observe which actions produce results we prefer, which move us closer to what we would like to experience more of, and we can take more of those actions.

If we notice our actions are moving us away from what we desire, we can stop doing those actions and do something else. We can design something new, experiment, play and discover what else is possible.

This is a simple and powerful formula for engaging in life with ease and joy sourced from your ability to create. Choice creates. Choice leads to action. Action brings into reality what hasn’t been here before. You are that powerful. What are you choosing? What are your choices creating?

So if you are choosing something that isn’t working, no big deal; just stop it and do something else. Make a choice, and take an action. Play with what else is possible. Ask, how does it get even better than this? Keep experimenting until you discover what works, and then do more of that. And have fun!

Blessings and Joy,